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Stopping and Cruising Day 4

Good Morning, from Cartagena, Columbia. Just pulling into the dock. Our first visit to South American! Uncle Matt was up early and is pretty pumped!!….always remember and never forget: The world is yours to explore.


And we’re back on board and sailing away, only a few hours in Cartagena but it was enough to take a tour of the old city on a horse drawn carriage, listen to our tour guide, Leon, tell us stories and the history of the city and area, including a stop at one of the most famous streets in town….the street he was born on in 1954…..everyone’s a comedian….and do a bit of shopping, and I decided in the blistering sun and 29′ heat, it was just enough time to check it out but not get fried…..last night we did a lovely dress up supper at the Tsars Palace, yes, that’s right a Palace, just for me…and a few hundred other people, but mostly for me, crowns and coat of arms everywhere….then we had some pics taken and off to a magician comedy show, a talented you guy from Montreal, and yes, we may have clapped just a little bit louder because of that, but he was awesome, an evening nightcap and then back to our cabins…..I seriously could get used to this….

Not Judging, Just Saying….

Let me just start out by saying that I am not judging, I am just saying….And yes, I grew up hearing all about judging, Judge not, lest ye be judged. Matthew 7:1, and the ever popular, People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. So to this end I say, I don’t live in a glass house, and again, I’m not judging, I’m just saying….

Last weekend as I was attempting to put the laundry away, and I say attempting because, I got all my clean clothes put away but I was struggling to fit all of He Who Might Be A Hoarder’s t-shirts into an already full cupboard, I got frustrated and left them on the bed. I then moved onto putting his socks away and Oh. Em.Gee., the first sock drawer was full, the second sock drawer had a bit of room in it, and I crammed the rest in the third drawer because the fourth drawer was really full. I kid you not. Who has four drawers of socks? I’ll tell you who, He Who Has a Sock Fetish, and condemns me for buying shoes and purses….and this is why I say, I’m not judging.

I checked to make sure that there were no football games on the tv, and then I called him up from the basement and said, Seriously? Four drawers of socks and I can barely fit the clean ones in! And t-shirts, coming out the ying yang? Do you even wear half of these? I say no, the football t’s from your glory days? There is a date is on them, 15 years was a long time ago, let them go, painting t’shirts, you don’t paint that much anymore, the pick one you bought as a joke, and so on and so on…There was no fighting or pleading and begging, he agreed that perhaps there was a problem, not that he had the problem, just that there was one, baby steps. He went to work purging the cupboard of frayed and old and unworn t-shirts and then tackled the sock drawers and again with the baby steps, we went from 4 drawers to 3!

I will be the first to admit that I love shoes and purses, and because I do I have a lot of each. It is no secret. People buy be fridge magnets that say, There is no such thing as too many shoes and wall art that says, It’s All About The Shoes, there are shoe shaped wine holders and stoppers, and purse shaped Shopaholic piggy bank….and this is why I’m not judging, I’m just saying….

Overfull cupboards and 4 sock drawers are exactly the reason that I never put all my shoes in one place, a shelf in the garage, a rack in the closet and there may or may not be shoes tucked under the bed. Always remember and never forget: Don’t judge me, I was born to be awesome, not perfect!!

New Treasure – New Adventure

So about a month ago we did a little road trip and went to an amazing music festival down south and enjoyed 3 days of Canadian 80’s bands, which I’ve already told you about, what I didn’t tell you about was the trip home. We just happened to stop at one of the most beautiful tourist booths ever, so that He Who Never Stops Working, could check his e-mail and reply to some texts, and also so that I could have a walk-about. I’m not nearly as good of a sitter as I used to be. Anyway, I love tourist booths, you can find out all about the city/town and the area and sometimes if you’re really lucky, which I am sometimes, you can find treasures. At this particular tourist booth I did exactly that, I found a treasure that I have been looking for, for the past couple of years. I purchased my treasure and a couple bottles of water and made a bee-line for the truck, where I waited patiently, waving my arms and jumping up and down, while He Who is Long-Winded, finished his phone call. Then it went something like this, “Guess what I got? You’re never going to guess what I found in there? I have been looking for this for frigging ever and I found it. Are you going to guess or what???”…..’No, what did you…’ “Look it!!! Look at this. Isn’t it amazing!!!”……’Umm, you know what that is don’t you?’…..”Well, of course I do! It’s a backpack for Uncle Matt!!! Can you imagine, me finding a backpack for Uncle Matt here. Who would have thunk it? It was fate, kismet, kharma that we stopped here!”……’You do know that this is a….’….”Yes, I know what it is! Do YOU know what it is?”……’Yup, looks like Matt has a backpack…..finally.’…”Thank you, now get driving.”…

New Backpack

New Backpack

Now we finally get a chance to try out the backpack. And I was right! It fits him perfectly, like it was made for him. Today we are going on a bit an adventure, taking a little day trip north, across the dam and back into a little lake where according to some friends, there has been a discovery of dinosaur tracks. How exciting is that? Uncle Matt has been packed and ready to go since last night, new fishing duds – check… rod – check… backpack – check…..He hasn’t really had too many adventures this year, and he’s not missing out on this one!!

Uncle Matt Fishing Duds

Uncle Matt Fishing Duds

And with that, we are ready to go!! Hoping for a great day and a fun adventure!!

The Royals Are Coming! The Royals Are Coming!

So exactly what does one wear when one meets the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?? A very dear friend sent me an article that said The Royals Are Coming……*Accents On* I’m almost 99.9% sure that HRH’s are coming to see me! The article says that they are coming to BC. I live in BC! It also says a tour of the Yukon. I live on the road to the Yukon! It’s actually more officially known as The Alaska Highway, but you have to go through the Yukon to get to Alaska on the highway so it could be known as The-Way-To-Yukon-Alaska-Highway….

Anyways, back to my original question; What does one wear to meet the Prince and Princess? I will have to wear a hat, won’t I? I have a lovely red hat and a burgundy one, but they are perhaps a little too wintery, I have a blue jean one, but that is perhaps a bit too casual, I have the most amazing pink hat that is covered in pink feathers, and is so extremely special because Grandma Jaschke gave it to me, and it’s in a hat box and everything….but oh, oh wait… you see what she is wearing in the picture?


A lovely red fascinator. I just happen to have a black and red fascinator!! And I have red shoes that match! Yes! Yes! i think that’s it. Now just to work on the in between stuff, it should be elegant, understated, and classic, I think a shopping trip might be in order. Thank goodness they’re not coming until Autumn, which is a rather vague date, but I’ll just wait until their HRH’s secretary calls or writes to let me know what their schedule is for meeting me….The article said they are ‘delighted’ to visit Canada again. of course they didn’t mention my name specifically, because that would be “name-dropping” and Royals don’t do that, not proper….Is this not the most exciting news to happen this week!!! I think it is….. Now where did I put my tiara……👑


I Like Trains!

It’s a rainy, gloomy kind of day and I’m feeling a little sad. Beside the weather bringing me down, here’s what’s happened. I work across from a rail yard and have been here for a long time. I like trains. I’ve liked them since I was 4. I like the noise they make. I like counting the cars. I’ve never been on a long train ride, but it is on my list of things to do. Anyway, at the end of the rail yard across from where I am, there sits an old flat train car with a little crane on it, all painted up nice and safety yellow, and on the same track sits an old caboose. It’s so cute, has the little turret top on it, looks like it’s in great condition…..that is it was in great condition until today……We heard a noise and looked across the road and…..WTH!?!?!!!….there’s a big hoe with big pincher-grabber thing and it’s tearing apart the flatbed!! Oh no, why? Why oh why would anyone do that? Then when the hoe was done tearing apart the crane, it scooted on over, and started in on the caboose. It grabbed on the top and flipped it over on its side, the wheels fell off, and then the ginormous hoe started tearing it apart……I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to leave and go home (actually it was lunchtime,  which helps with a dramatic exit)….with a heavy heart I went home and bitterly complained and shared my sad story, complete with pictures,  with He Who Listens Patiently, heard my cries of, “How could they?” “Why? Why? Why? Would they do that?” and finally “How come nobody asked me if they could tear down the caboose?”……to which he gently replied, “It wasn’t your caboose.”……and I not so gently replied, “I know that! But I liked it and if someone would have just asked me if I wanted it, I would have said yes.” ……Not quite sure where I would have put it, but I would have found a place, but it really doesn’t matter now…..I came back to work after lunch and looking out the windows, the rain running down reminds me of tears….it’s all gone, the flatbed, the caboose, there is nothing left but a pile of scrap….I’m sure the rail people have a plan and I’m sure there was no memo to consult with me but jeepers……Always remember and never forget: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……I mean if a train doesn’t stop at your station, then it’s not your train.