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Happy Victoria Day!

*Accents On* First off we will be choosing a British accent in order to wish Queen Victoria a lovely 197th Birthday and to thank her for all she did for Canada in her 64 years as Monarch, including us getting this day as a national holiday…..Look at all she gave us, first off Victoria, was named after her, then in good turn she named British Columbia, Regina, SK was named after her, Alberta was named after her daughter, she also named Ottawa and Price Edward Island is named after her father….whew!! That’s a lot of names….switching now *accents on* to rolling Scottish brogue, Aye lads and lassies, tis such a lovely sunshiny day, that would be a shame te waste it. If you hadn’t guessed, we shall be heading to our favorite golfing course with some of our favorite people to enjoy the sunshine, because you know what they say, Golf is just a good walk spoiled…..and for those of you keeping score, This is Pre-Ladies League-Pre-LPGA Round #4 and Practice Round #2 with the new clubs,which are teal and pretty and my toe-nail polish matches and…for those of you not keeping score: Good on ya! I’m not sure how long I’ll be keeping score….So whether you be sporting a lovely British accent today, or perhaps golfing with a Scottish one, have a wonderful Victoria Day and pay homage to a great queen and be thankful her name wasn’t Gertrude…..

Just a Thought…..

Just had a thought.  I’ve actually had several thoughts this morning, but just had a thought that I wanted to share…..You know how some people get letters after their name,  for instance there are all kinds of Commonwealth orders and national orders, as well as orders from every province. I am honestly not sure how you go about getting those letters after your name. There are lots of national decorations for serving in the military as well as appoints to the monarch – neither of which I’m eligible for…..and then there are the letters you get to put after your name for being a lawyer or a judge and the ones you get for continuing your education in the schools of higher learning…..But what about the letters we put in front of our names, such as Mr. Ms. Miss, and my personal favorite Mrs……so I just got to thinking since I don’t have any letters after my name, I want to change the letters in front of my name. Now, please nobody freak out and call He Who Has is My Mr., it’s nothing like that, I just think I would like to change my letters to “H.R.H.”….. just a thought.


A Royal Garden Party

It’s a gorgeous clear morning, a little frosty but it looks like it’s going to be a great day….one of the FB pages that I follow is *accent on* The Royal Family, the official page of, well, the Royal Family. I love it, shows what all of The Royals are up to, with lovely pictures so you can imagine my surprise when I saw a most lovely picture of the grounds at Buckingham Palace and the gardeners getting everything spit ‘n polished for tomorrow’s Garden Party…..My first thought was, Perfect! I love gardens. I love parties. I love the Royal’s. I immediately went running to the mailbox. Nope nothing. Checked my e-mail’s. Nope nothing. Now, I don’t want to point fingers or bad mouth anyone, but is it possible that my invite to the Garden Party has gotten lost. I do realize that it’s a lot of miles from London to me, and it’s across an ocean and I know with all the fires up here they may have not wanted to deliver, but…I am a little disappointed that I didn’t receive an official Royal Invite L……then I got to reading all the comments on the page, and seriously Sandra, you’ve received 2 invites over the years, you lucky lady, many, many posts talking about the food, the music, the grounds,  and of course meeting the Royal family……Wait!! Stop!! And Look at this!!! …….Someone posted on the Royal Page, I quote:  ‘If you are a citizen of one of the Queen’s Commonwealth Realms, and plan to be in London at the right time, you can apply for an invitation to one of the Queen’s garden parties. Each year, a number of invitations are allocated to the High Commissioners of the Commonwealth Realms. Just contact your country’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom for details on how to apply. There’s no guarantee you’ll get an invitation, but you’ll be pretty chuffed if you do, so give it a go.’ Oh. Em. Gee. He said, ‘chuffed’!! Love it, and ‘give it a go’!! We are part of the Commonwealth!  I am a citizen! Now all I have to do is plan to be over there for one of the Queen’s garden parties. She has more than one!!! This just keeps getting better and better.  I just need to get in touch with this official dude and he’ll point me in the right direction, which is going to be east to Buckingham Palace….I think I’m ready to be ‘pretty chuffed’.…..until then I shall keep my accent on, eagerly await new pictures of the Garden Party and make plans for my own garden party….when I have a garden to party in….

Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth

*ACCENTS ON* (And that would be a British acccent) Hallllloooooo!! Good Morning, I sure hope you all have your accents on today – and yes, I know I was yelling, this is very important. The Queen, and I mean the one in England, not me, is turning 90 today!!! ♫♪Happy Birthday♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸*¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ to you…. isn’t she simply smashing? The hats, the poise, the grace, and how about those castles, yes, she has more than one!! Just like she has more than one hat!! *Keeping that Accent On* Have you checked out the pictures and video on my page. Love them all. A huge thanks for sharing with me, jolly good, yes, absolutely jolly good. I was challenged last year to do *Accents On* at least once a month all year, and I did, but I seem to have fallen behind this year. Today seems like the best day to start again. *Happy Birthday♪♫• *¨*•.¸¸*¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪…Dear Queeeeen-nie! ♪♫•*.. Happy Birthday♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸* to You¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

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