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Warning: Keep Away From Water

So way back on September 14, my blow dryer quit. Just like that in a puff of smoke it was done. This is what happened:


So there is an old electrician saying, “Let the smoke out” as in ‘You let the smoke out of that drill.’ Or ‘I let the smoke out of my hair dryer.’ This morning there was no power tools involved unless you classify a hair dryer as a power tool. Just about done drying my hair when out of the corner of my left eye I saw something. Something wispy, something smoky. The procedure for when you let the smoke out of something, is to hit the kill switch and unplug. Which is what I did. I shut of the dryer and unplugged. To be honest my blow dryer is still fine, because the smoke actually came out of the power cord, right near the plug end, not the dryer itself. And when I say that the blow dryer is fine, it was actually taken from my hand by He Who Isn’t An Electrician, but pretends he is, and disposed of in a safe manner. Thank goodness it’s the weekend, because my mission is to find myself a new blow dryer….It’s Friday! It’s going to be a great weekend. Always remember and never forget: A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Well, it has been a while, and a few days ago I after some of my hair got sucked in the intake of my small travel blow dryer, I figured it was time to get a new one. I looked at a few recommendations from friends on FB and as marvelous as the blow dryer from the Vacuum People sounds, I don’t think it’s really necessary for me. So down to the Not-A-Loser store and found an even better blow dryer than the one from the Vacuum People. I know, you didn’t think it was possible, but it was. The one I got is made by a car company….wait for it……Mazda!! True story! I couldn’t actually find anywhere that it actually said ‘Mazda’ but it is a Rx7 and when I put that into the Google Machine, it came up with a picture of a shiny, red Mazda and the blow dryer I picked out is shiny, red, too!!! Is this not the most exciting thing ever. And it didn’t cost nearly as much as a car or as a vacuum for that matter. Win-Win.

Another reason I know this must be from a car manufacturer is because it came with a “Safety & Instructions Information” pamphlet. There is a whole page in IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS such as – Keep this appliance out of the reach of children….but a few points down it changes to – Close supervision is necessary when this appliance is used by, on or near children….Hmmmm

Next big warning KEEP AWAY FROM WATER and if you are unclear as to what exactly that means, they say it again in 4 out of the next 5 points…#2. Do not use while bathing. Is an example…

Then we move onto the warning part. WARNING: To risk of burns, electrocution, fire, or injury to persons:

And then there is 30 points….yes, 30 points of what not to do with this blow dryer so as to reduce the risk of getting hurt. I, for one, have never been hurt by a blow dryer, but apparently the Mazda people felt it was necessary to warn the public about the dangers of this blow dryer…Some of the more perplexing warnings: #2. This dryer is hot when in use. Do not let eyes and bare skin touch heated surfaces….Exactly how does one go about touching an eye to a hot blow dryer? And who would even think to do this???….#4. An appliance should never be lift (it’s what it says) unattended when plugged in….If you are unattending it, obviously you can’t lift it. Duh….# 9 is like #8 but they thought it wise to mention the water hazard, one more time….a favorite of mine is #15. Never use while sleeping…..and a close second fav is #20. Do not direct hot air toward eyes or other heat sensitive areas…So many redundancies of the oh, so many points.

Anyways, I have been using my new shiny, red Mazda Rx7 blow dryer for a few weeks now, and I happy to report there has been not even one major or minor incident. So maybe the 30 + warnings are working….

There’s No Time Like The Present And There’s No Present Like Time

I realize I haven’t been on here is a while….so long in fact that I had to go back and see exactly where I left off….apparently, I disappeared halfway through our Panama Cruise while looking for pirates. All indications are that I was abducted by pirates somewhere on our cruise, but the truth of the matter is, I wasn’t, I just stopped writing, and I really don’t have an explanation as to why. But I am back now. Way back when I started this writing gig, I had every intention of writing something every day, like I do on Facebook, but that got overwhelming. I decided that I get pretty busy just living life that I don’t always have time to sit down and write about it. Another reason is that my blog is called ‘When Then Mind Wanders’ and some days my mind really doesn’t wander very far. I was going to start at the beginning of this year, kind of a resolution if you will, and write something at least once a week. There is a blog I follow called Musings of the Amusing Muse – I found her when I was researching names for my own blog. She posts on Friday’s under the heading of Fancy Coffee Friday, which I love and wish I had thought of it. Well, here we are 6 ½ months into the year and I’m just finally getting a round to writing, there is the old adage that you think you have time and then one day it hits you like a ton of bricks – BAM – and you realize there is no time like the present….

I Have a Question…

I have a question, Is yellow fever contagious?…..the other day we looked at our immunization cards and noticed that a booster we were to have had 6 months after the initial shot was dangerously close to expiring, so we popped on down to see the Travel Nurse, yes, that is her title, it said so right on her door, and since I was the first to arrive, which usually never happens, I was the first to be shot, which sounds funny….as she was getting the needle ready, He Who Tries to Be Funny said, Wow, that’s a big needle!!! And before I could reply, Miss Travel Nurse quipped, Actually it’s very skinny! Got to love a nurse who is funny….One shot, a large amount, very cold right into the muscle and yes, I felt pressure, and yes, 2 days later my arm is still tender, whereas He Who Felt No Pressure or Pain, is fine, which leads me to the conclusion, I have bigger muscles than he does!…. next we went and had a chat with Mr. Snake Oil Salesman, who extolled his vast knowledge of travel and medicine with us, and sold us a Yellow Fever Elixir in the form of 4 pills for each of us, easy peasy right?…..2 pages of information, another page of Do’s and Don’t, which seems to be typical, until I read the box, which says, ‘Refrigerate. Live vaccine’…I will clarify for those reading this, ‘Live’ in this case is Alive, and not ‘Live’, as in Live in peace, clear? So what we have now is a Live vaccine Living in my fridge. I really don’t like the idea of things living in my fridge, usually if I find something living in my fridge I throw it out….so over the course of a week we need to take the 4 pills, and we started last night, the only side effect listed was nausea, and yet, that was the only thing I didn’t feel: fever, chills, achy neck, and headache, while He Who Is Just Fine, felt nothing which leads me to believe, he must be feelless, whereas I am very feelful and a little bit of a drama queen….Back to my question, and google doesn’t say anywhere that I am contagious, which is good, because I have stuff to do…Always remember and never forget: Better safe than sorry. Happy Saturday!!

This morning I said, I think I have yellow fever. I googled it and I have all the symptoms! He Who Has All the Answers said, That would be difficult since you were vaccinated 5 years ago for it. Ummm, then exactly what have I got?????…You’ve got typhoid. Oh. Em. Gee. I have typhoid! As in Typhoid Mary! As in I need to do a new google search STAT! This sounds way more serious than Yellow Fever, even though yellow really isn’t a colour I can wear, typhoid probably isn’t something I want either!!!…..Ok, so a search reveals that typhoid is slow, takes 4 weeks, with different nasty things happening every week, I only have 1 symptom of week 1 which is a headache, which could have been because I didn’t drink enough water yesterday, so that’s easy to remedy….Well, happy to know that I am cured of Yellow Fever and that typhoid fever is likely not in my future either, whew…..It’s Saturday and you know that means dance party with the vacuum! Always remember and never forget: Now pay attention this is very important!! Never ask Google for medical advice, I have gone from a mild headache to Clinically Dead in three clicks!!!

Just Another Manic Monday

It’s Monday! And it’s still cold, but the way I see it, -21 is better than -40, and it did warm up to -16 today….after Christmas I did a little online Boxing Day shopping at Sears, because I still consider Sears shopping local…I’ve had a couple of surprises, firstly, they delivered to my house, at no extra charge: I received a rather large box with only 2 things in it, not my full order, second surprise: there was no invoice, receipt, or anything indicating that the rest of my order was back-ordered, was coming later, just a piece of paper telling me what was in the box, which I knew already because I could see in the box….so I called the toll free/24 hr. number and after listening to them tell me how busy they are over and over and over again, I hung up, answerless and not surprised, but hoping for the best… then the best happened today, came home to another parcel on the porch and my order was complete, and I just have to say, going to the Sears store to pick up parcels isn’t a huge inconvenience, but having them dropped off at home when it’s freaking cold is pretty sweet…now, can you imagine the disappointment of getting a parcel or parcels and due to poor packing, your purchase is….gulp, broken??…. Well, I can’t imagine because Sears is not a newby, they know what they’re doing….Parcel #1 was in a much larger box than the 2 items required, but the people at Sears put in 6 large air-pillows and Parcel #2 was packed pretty tight, things weren’t moving in that box, but the good people at Sears still added a layer of thin foam and a layer of the little bubble-wrap, nothing bad was going to happen to my order….What is this most precious purchase, this incredibly fragile bargain?…wait for it….towels, and no, I didn’t get the breakable towels, just regular towels, hand, bath, face, oh ya, and a set of sheets, and no, not glass sheets, just regular sheets… So to the good people at Sears, thanks for delivering, and I just checked the order slip, looking for the part that says, ‘Checked By: 114’, but I see nothing, someone checked the items off but didn’t identify themselves, so to Sears Worker, thanks for ensuring that my towels and sheets arrived unbroken!! Oh ya, and thanks for the bubble wrap….pop pop pop pop

I’m Not Sure About This Healthy Eating….

I love to cook. Am I good at? Yes, sometimes I’m damn good at. And No, sometimes I’m no damn good at. But I haven’t killed anyone and we aren’t starving so I call that a win-win….All the New Year posts I’ve been seeing on eating better has inspired me so today’s supper menu was: tuna steaks, potatoes, and baked cauliflower. Really nothing to fancy-smancy. I marinated the tuna steaks at noon and cut up the cauliflower, came home after work, cheered on the kids on the sliding hill, visited with the Mom’s, changed clothes, went for my walk, and then proceeded to make….umm a mess, not really, a disaster, well, I wouldn’t go that far, I guess you could call it supper, such as it was….got the potatoes boiling, cauliflower steaming, and since I don’t have a broiler pan with my new oven, I used a cookie sheet and because I hate messy clean ups, I put parchment paper on it, put the 2 tuna steaks on and popped in the over, on the top rack under the broiler….and almost instantly I smelt smoke and opened the oven to the parchment paper on fire…and when I say on fire, I mean flames and everything, so I said, Oh Crap, there is a fire in my oven. Oh never mind, I’ll just pull out the pan, and blow the remaining flames out. There were the 2 steaks sitting there with on little islands of unburnt paper surrounded by charcoal….ahhh ok, let’s try this again. Put the tuna on a new cookie sheet after washing them off, adding more marinade, and I check the oven, noticing that the cheese on cauliflower casserole is browning really fast and really dark, so dark you might call it blacking, perhaps 500′ is a bit much…turn down the broiler, pop the tuna back in and set the timer. The key to cooking tuna is to not over cook it, 4 to 5 minutes per side, and damn the tuna seems to be cooking fast, so I flip them and lower the rack 1 notch, and wait for the beep while checking FB and…no beep? Why no beep? Because the blonde set the timer for 5 hours, not 5 minutes, Oh. For. The. Love. Of. Pete. SUPPER’S READY!! The potatoes are good, really, really good. The cauliflower has a top layer of almost burnt cheese, but not too bad, and the tuna. I just had to ask, So how’s the tuna? And the reply I got, Well, it’s a long way from sushi….Ya, that’s what I was going for…And throughout all this, the smoke detectors did not go off, so now I don’t know if they work or if I’m really just that damn good!

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year and Cheers to making 2017 the best year yet. I’ve been away from here for a few months. Life and circumstances got the better of me and when I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I tend not to feel very creative or feel like writing, which is something I’m going to work on this coming year. I don’t do resolutions, per se, every January first,  I say that this year we will live a healthier lifestyle, eating better and exercising, because even though we do this mostly, there is always room for improvement….and that being said, every year I try and improve myself in some way beyond the physical, be kinder, handle stress better, take time for me….and so begins my non-resolutions.

It would seem that the rooms that I have claimed as my own, become a catch-all of stuff in my frenzied holiday tidying mode, a lot of stuff got shoved, dropped and hidden in my exercise room and in my office. Yesterday I tackled the big room and dug out the treadmill from under the extra bedding, pulled the Bow Flex out of the corner so it’s usable, set up a table to put a tv on, when The Boy brings it back, dusted of my wii and some yoga dvd’s – and the answer is no, to those wondering if this is going to become a blog about getting fit and eating right and blah, blah, blah….unless of course, I smack myself in the face with the Blow Flex rods, don’t laugh, it happens, or if I trip and skin a knee on the treadmill, then darn right I’m going to share it, and likely whine about it, too, just saying.

Today I’m going to get into my office and do a bit of decluttering and organizing. I have a lovely office. This is going to be the year that I get He Who Wields The Hammer, to get my pictures hung up and to make the space even more lovely and a peaceful place to come and write or just sit and regroup. Pretty excited about it. We have been in the new house for one year and it’s feeling more like home and not just a house – now to add some more personal touches.

The 128th Rose Bowl Parade has been watched, there is split pea soup simmering on the stove, and I’ve procrastinated just about as long as I can and still get something accomplished today so here goes nothing. May 2017 be your best year yet, and always remember and never forget: ‘May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.’ ~ Neil Gaiman

I’m Back

I’m Back! I’ve been having a busy summer and writing just seemed to get delegated to the end of the day, and at the end of the day I was tired. Started off the summer hosting our 19th Annual Friends Reunion which was a blast. Last week was busy playing catch up at work and getting the holiday trailer home and ready. The past weekend we attended our first music festival, Canola Fest, a local festival featuring local singers and a couple of more famous Canadian groups. It was a hoot, so many talented people in our area. Will definitely go again next year.

So I go home at lunch time, like I do most days, I go in the house and call Oscar. He used to meet me at the door, but he’s moving slower these days, and finally he arrives and I let him out on the front step. I start making my lunch then there’s scratching on the front door. Like seriously, cat!! You just went out! I open the door to this. Did he just bring me a flower?

So I go home at lunch time, like I do most days, I go in the house and call Oscar. He used to meet me at the door, but he’s moving slower these days, and finally he arrives and I let him out on the front step. I start making my lunch then there’s scratching on the front door. Like seriously, cat!! You just went out! I open the door to this. Did he just bring me a flower?20160718_121703

So I asked him, Are you picking my flowers? And I got this….


And then I said, Do you want in or what? And I got this….


I’ll take that as a, No.

And yes, I do talk to him that way, and yes I do think that he understands me. In fact I think that he understands more than he lets on that he understands… know what I mean. We have conversations and sometimes he uses “that tone” and I need to remind him, Hey, you’re not the boss of me!  But it’s all good, we love our Oscar.

I Had The Best of Intentions

Wow, I sat down at my computer over and hour ago with the intention to get something down on ‘paper’ as it were, and I have done nothing…..let’s clarify that, I have done lots, just not writing. I seem to have a very serious case of ADD today. I sat,  I heard a lawnmower, I thought, Hmm, who could that be, neighbour #1’s yard was just done, 2 of the others are on holiday, the other side is empty, and the far yards were cut this morning. This sounds like I am the neighbourhood Lawn Nazi, but really I just notice how nice or not peoples yards are….that could only mean one thing, He Who Is A Good Lawn Cutter, has borrowed or stolen a lawnmower and is taking care of our minuscule front yard. I was right and had to go and see, and that led to flower and tree watering and a discussion on sheds and rotary mowers and…. And back into the house and going upstairs I heard my dryer playing a tune for me, so back down and gotta fold those clothes right now so they don’t wrinkle, and since I’m here I should put away a few things, oh and that hanging shirt is wrinkled so might as iron it, and then no sense in leaving the clothes in basket, might as well put them away since they’re all folded… computer was sitting on the island in the kitchen, too many distractions, maybe if I move it into my office I can get something done so I went and got my Bose speaker, set my ipod to Easy Listening and…. maybe I should water my inside plants, my lovely African violet, asparagus fern, hibiscus tree and shamrock…..and sat down determined to get something written and text, Hey, invited the Builder Dude for supper. Cool, sure hope he doesn’t mind leftovers because that was MY plan for supper…..but perhaps I should make a broccoli salad or maybe…..going to see what I’ve got….and maybe tomorrow will be a better day to sit and write, because sometimes when the mind wanders so does the body…..

Happy Canada Day!!

I was going to post something new on here because I haven’t posted for a while but I’m afraid I don’t have time this morning. We are hosting our annual Canada Day / Garden Party today and I need to get some stuff done before we go to the parade so here is my FB post, because recycling is good, right?

♪♫•*Oh Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command…..*•♫♪ HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! (and yes, I’m singing it the way I learnt it, because, in my opinion, you DON’T mess with the anthem, any anthem)…Parade this morning and then the show and shine and stuff happening in the park, I think mostly kid stuff, but I have it on good authority that there is a pie sale at the museum (love the museum) ♪♫•*…With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the True North strong and free! …..*•♫♪ and I’m not listening to ‘them’, instead I’m looking out the window at blue sky, sunshine and a slightly turning balloon means a breeze. It is going to be a great day…..Uncle Travelling Matt is all dressed in his finest and has his trusty steed. Not sure, but I think he might be planning to run away and join the Musical Ride. ♪♫•*…From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee …..*•♫♪ He Who Travels More Than Matt, made it home last night, and is looking forward to the Garden Party, even though we have no garden yet, and is telling everyone to bring lawn chairs, even though we have no lawn…..yet….. ♪♫•*…God keep our land glorious and free. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee….*•♫♪ And once again HAPPY CANADA DAY!! and now for the big finish, *Canadian Accents On, eh*, sing it loud people….♪♫•*…O Canada, we stand on guard for thee….*•♫♪



Wonderful Wednesday!

Wonderful Wednesday!! Just a quick recap of the Monday Ladies League Golfing Game #1 – I’m more than thankful that the LPGA scouts were not out and about. Here’s what happened, each League night, the powers that be at the Pro Shop come up with a game for us to play, and for the past couple of years, our started game has been Guess Your Score. So I came totally prepared with a number, which I must say, I would have seriously surpassed, and yes, I said seriously, it was not one of my better nights. The good news is that the game we got to play was Best Ball and it was a total team effort, which was just perfect. I think that I am still adjusting to the new clubs, at least this is my new story and I’m sticking to it!! It was a great evening, the weather was warm and windless, there was few to no bugs, and I did make a few shots that were worthy of being the Best Ball, so I was pretty stoked about that!! Next week, new game and another chance to Wow, the LPGA scouts!

I think that I may be in the market sooner than later for a new coffee maker.  One morning last week my older model one-cup coffee maker decided that instead of making a cup it would make a pot, which would be kind of cool if I actually had a pot to use instead of my to-go cup, but not so cool when I walk into the kitchen and it’s brewing, brewing, brewing and just another excuse why I was late for work, clean counter tops….lunch time I tested it and 12 oz on the line, after supper cup, perfectly filled…… whaaaat??? The next morning, I’m confident everything is right with my brewer, hit the button and as I’m walking away to continue getting ready, I think to myself, Stop! Do you really trust it? And I make it back just a smidgeon before my cup overfloweth…..a few more test cups and all is good, and then again on the weekend, a couple times it thought it was a big machine….

There’s a fun word for you: Smidgeon, the best little-bit describing word ever!! I just Googled a smidgeon and what came up was SMIDGEN:  a small amount of something. I already knew this but did you notice that I spelt it different, so I looked a little further and SMIDGEN  is in the Merriam-Webster version and SMIGEON (my way) is in the Collins English Dictionary, UK – cool hey, even when I’m not trying I write with an *accent on*……

Always remember and never forget: Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee!!