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First Golfing Tour 2016

First golfing tour of 2016 and we are heading out to Charlie Lake…..and I know, it’s not a big tour, but it’s a tour none-the-less. I have not seen hide nor hair of the LPGA scouts and it’s almost the end of July already for heavens sake, so I’ve decided that maybe I should go and look for them….and where would scouts mostly likely be? Well, obviously at the ladies only Golf Fore The Cure golfing tournament at the lake, so this is exactly where I will be headed. This will be my third time participaing in this wonderful tournament for a wonderful cause, supporting breast cancer. Our regular ladies team is a member short, as someone is holidaying in the sunny south, but not a problem as we were able to get a lovely and talented future DIL of Miss Wendy to fill in the spot.

I am all ready, fresh teal toenail polish to match the new clubs and I shall be wearing a lovely teal golfing shirt, and yes, it is all about the fashion, have you seen those ladies in the LPGA tour, all matchy matchy. I want to show the scouts that I am one of those ladies. Tonight is just a practice round and martini social so I have hired a chauffeur, ok not exactly hired as in actually paying him, but He Who Volunteered to Drive, will be doing the honors. How lucky are we. Tomorrow will be a pink day for the tournament, because that is the official colour, so it will be pink shirt, hat, golove, ladybug, tees and of course golfing balls – and if that doesn’t catch the scouts eye, I’m not sure what will.


“They” said it was going to be a nice weekend, and I guess technically it isn’t the weekend until tomorrow, but where the heck did my sunshiny morning get to. The wind has picked up and the clouds are building, and they’re not the nice white puffy, marshmallow clouds, these are more the grey, black angry looking clouds. I will keep my fingers crossed that the winds will blow the angry clouds away and blue sky will be all that is left.

I leave you with these words of wisdom: Always remember and never forget: As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round. ~ Mr. Hogan.


Day 8 Ladies League

Well, last night was Day 8 of Ladies League and my quest to get on the LPGA tour took a couple of weeks off. Day 6 I had a house full of company and Day 7 it was raining cats and dogs at my house, but just a little ways away at the golfing course the sun was shining, and even though one of the pros told me that when I phoned, I thought he was funning with me, so our team decided to cancel. And wouldn’t you know it, it didn’t rain at the golfing course. Go figure. Oh well, it was a nice break, and yesterday was sunshiny and a gorgeous evening for a friendly game of Bingo Bango Boingo. No real score was kept, just points for First On, Closest to the Pin, and First In, and I gotta say, this was a lot of fun, and I think that when I get on the LPGA Tour, I will suggest that this game be played.

Our team had to pick up a spare as one of our regulars was away holidaying and I’d just like say if she reads this, she was missed. It’s really hard to explain Par 9 rules and all about beagles all by myself. It was a good night, and since we didn’t keep regular score, I’m going to say without a doubt it was one of my best games ever, I’m pretty sure. I avoided the grassy knoll on #2 and the beaches on #3, but did end up on the edge of the Enchanted Forest, and then hit the most fabulous shot, it must have gone 100 yards or more, except I only needed it to go about 50 yards. So I’ll just put it out there that is someone is walking in the Rainforest and comes across a pink ball, it’s mine. Switch to a purple ball, which is incredible pretty but incredible hard to see on the course, almost lost it a couple times, and one of those was on the fairway!! Switch to a bright yellow one and flew over the gully on #6 and my chip and a putt turned into a chip and another chip to hit the pin and in!! WooHoo!! Freaking amazing. I just wish the LPGA people could have seen that shot!! I would be an team member! It was a great night and we were one of the first teams back to the clubhouse, so we got the comfy chairs on the deck. Because really isn’t that what golfing is all about: sunshine, good friends, a cool beverage, and comfy chairs.

A New Long Weekend Thing

We seem to be developing a ‘thing’ on long weekends, and the ‘thing’ we seem to be developing is, a round of golfing with the Chokin’s, which may or may not be their actual name, it all depends on if you have your glasses on or not…. Mrs. Chokin is a talented painter, breaks out in song whenever and wherever the mood hits her, much like I do, except she can actually sing so people want to listen, and she counts things for a living, too. Mr. Chokin, aka Al or Allan, Albert, Alvin, or even Alan (which looks similar to Allan but sounds quite different when you say it) ….So this July long weekend, like May Long, we went out and did a lovely round of golf, and apparently, us ladies, have rules and terms that the guys were unaware of, but never fear, because we schooled them in the finer art of Ladies Golf…..every hole is a Par 9, unless you get a F.R.P. which is a For Real Par, then use that one; if you chip onto the green and hit the flag, which I did on hole #6, it’s an automatic Par, no putting necessary; at any point in the game when one of us is struggling, it is perfectly acceptable to say Best Ball and move your ball up the better shot; and of course there’s all the beagles to count, and snowmen, yes, snowmen in July, and a snowman is also know as 1 under par, and we both wear ladybug counters, and if the ladybug says 6 but you’re pretty sure the number of shots is higher, it is totally acceptable to put down 6, because, ‘The bug never lies’ and if you finish the round with the same ball you started with, then you can take a stroke off your score as a bonus….unless it’s been a really, really tough round, then take 2 off, just because…..I really think that Mr. Chokin, Albert, was getting it by the time we were finishing because he told me on Hole #9, his score was a For Real Bogey also know as a F.R.B. or a Ferby (say FRB fast) and we have a new term!!! It’s just that easy…..I myself had what I used to think was a bad game, but what is fast becoming a typical game: landed and bounced down the highway on Hole #1, #2 was ok, ended up in the Enchanted Forest on #3, struggled on #4 feeling pressure from the group behind, #5 I had a fantastic drive, avoided the pond, I do need some putting practice, #6 was a hit-the-pin-par, #7 I went to the beach, #8 I had a fantastic drive and not much after, and #9 was a big finish with a Par 9, because double digits are not allowed!!….and then drinks on the deck in the comfy chairs, enjoying the sun and the company…..looking forward to August Long!!

Nice shot


Days 3 & 4 of Golfing in The League

Good day Sports Fans!!  Time to do an update on Day 3 and Day 4 of the Links Ladies League golfing.  I didn’t say anything about Day 3 because it really wasn’t one of my better games, but that being said it really wasn’t one of the worstest games either. When I was in the clubhouse signing up, Mr. Golf Pro, that I took lessons from 5 years ago, asked how the new clubs were. I said, Well, they were good, but now they’re not so good. I had a couple of really good games and then a couple of really not good games. To which Mr. Golf Pro replied, That’s not the clubs – that’s golf!!

So during the course of the evening on the golfing course, it was decided that when I’m having a bad game every hole is a Par 9. I watched a little of the US Open on the weekend, just because we were in a hotel room and He Who Likes to Get Pointers, was watching, and I heard words that I don’t normally hear when I’m golfing. Such as Birdie, which for those not knowing the game but wanting to learn, means one under par, and Par is the number of hits that someone decided it takes to get from the start to the hole. Like I said, I’ve decided that the Par on each hole is open to interpretation, depending on how I happen to be playing. I find these terms fascinating, and did a little bit of Googling and found even more terms. The olden time golfers liked the Bird Theme for doing better than good, so in addition to the Birdie they added the Eagle, for two under par (I knew that) and the Albatross for three under (I did not know that one).

Now if you hit one over Par, it’s called a Bogey. My question is, exactly what is a Bogey? Once again Google to the rescue. I found out that it was named after a Bogey-Man which was a widely used term for a goblin or devil. Seriously? For one over! That seems a little bit mean.  Then I got reading some more and they have no fancy words if you are two or three over, just Double and Triple Bogey’s, but if you are 7, 8, or 9 over it’s a ‘Blow-Up’ or a ‘Disaster’. Ok, that’s enough!! This is where I draw the line. That is just too harsh and uncalled for, a disaster, seriously, not nice!!! We, and when I say we, I mean our ladies golfing team, decided last week that anything over a Triple Bogey and under a Par 9, would be a Beagle. Why? Because beagles are cute and fun and don’t judge your playing abilities. We like beagles. We hit a lot of beagles some days.

One last term I found in my research, which never really ever caught on was Whaup, which a lady suggested be used for a Hole-In-One. I like it!! If I ever get one, you’ll all hear me, WOO HOO WHAUP WOO HOO!!

Day 2 Ladies League

It’s a gorgeous sunshiny Monday!! Had a fantastic weekend, lawn dudes got the front lawn done and  are helping to get the base ready for the front deck, so exciting!! Yesterday was a leisurely, coffee on the deck kind of morning, the hurricane force winds were gone so it was perfect for a couple cups of coffee and a few games of double solitaire… the afternoon we loaded up the clubs and went down to Taylor to the driving range, because I got to thinking the other day, and I think that the pros probably golf more than once a week…..I’m not going to give up my day job just yet, but I should also try and get a little bit readier for when the call does come in…..and also because the last couple of times I’ve been out the new clubs have felt a little awkward, even though they look amazing and my toenail polish matched and my golfing shirt matched, I have struggled to hit very well….After hitting 103 balls, and yes, I counted them, and yes, it was exactly 103, anyway, after hitting that many golf balls, which I will add, is way more than I normally hit in 9 holes, even way more than 18 holes even if I were having the baddest game of my life….and start again; After hitting 103 balls I came to the conclusion: my driver works good most of the time, the 3 and 5 clubs are broken and only work good once or twice, the 4 and 5 hydrids, which are new to me, and I still am unsure why I have them or when to use them, but  I like them and can hit not too bad, so I guess I’ll keep them, and I’m keeping my seven iron because it’s half of my lucky number…..He Who Dials His Driver, noticed after a couple of mega hits, that his driver has a crack in it. Can you say Father’s Day Present? Sweet!!…. This evening is Day 2 of Ladies League and our foursome was down to a twosome but we picked up the ringer from last week, so now we’re a threesome, should be fun, and hoping that the 103 hits pay off!!….

The most important shot in golf is the next one.  Ben Hogan

Ladies League Day 1

OK sports fans this is it….the day you’ve all been eagerly awaiting….Tonight is…wait for it….the start of Ladies League 2016!!! And the beginning of the third year of my quest for a spot on the LPGA Tour….so here’s where I stand going into this season for those of you who may have missed a post, I’ve played 4 practice rounds – 2 very good and 2 were not very good, and if you count things like I do, you’ll see that 2 good cancel out 2 not good so I ‘m starting fresh this evening….it’s a little cooler and it’s also a little cloudy but as long as it’s not pouring rain, because I am sugar, I will be out there…. I’m not a huge fan of watching golf on TV, I’d rather get out and play, unlike football, where I would rather watch than play, but that’s another story for another time….back to TV golf, The British Open has a ladies division, who knew? Probably everyone that watches on TV, which I’ve already said I don’t… here’s the thing, I was thinking that since I like accents so much, and I think that I will have a way better chance of getting invited to the Queen’s Garden Parties if I was actually in England, perhaps I should set my sights on getting a spot at the Women’s British Open……Hang on now! Just checking the dates and there appears to be a little conflict of interest, the WBO, as those of us in the sport call it, is only for 4 days the end of July and if I remember correctly, somewhere in those 4 days my anniversary falls…..oh bloody hell, that’s not really going to work is it? OK *accent off* and we’re back to the LPGA…..OK so going to go out with the ladies this evening, play around, have some laughs, and give it my best shot at getting on tour this year….It’s Monday! It’s going to be a great evening and always remember and never forget: Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!!

A Bad Day Golfing….

….Still Beats a Good Day Working!!

Sometimes it’s just enough to spend a few hours with friends visiting, laughing and enjoying the fact the sun decided to grace us with its presence, and thankful for the holiday Monday or we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it….and thankful that it as just a Pre-League game of golf and there were no LPGA people scouting….

#1 It was like my first time out golfing, and no, I don’t mean my first time with the new clubs, but my first time golfing EVER, but I was determined that Hole #1 was not going to set the tone for the rest of the round….#2  was way more better, had a little oops at the end when I landed under a pine tree, but I strategically whacked it and voila on the green and putt-putt (I need more putting practice)….#3 and I got to try out a new club, a sand wedge, not to be confused with a sandwich, but which sounds very similar. So true story, went to the beach and tried out the sand wedge, which worked amazing at getting me out of the beach but sent me right towards the Enchanted Forest. That darn golf ball was hell-bent on going into the Forest but the Enchanted trees were having no part of that, and kept spitting it back out, thank goodness….#4 Is fast becoming my favoritist hole, a nice drive, a chip on and a putt in for par, nope, drive, chip and again putt-putt (damn it) for a bogey, not to be confused with a boogey which is a funky way of dancing rather than 1 over par….#5 Had a nice drive and there it was, my nemesis! The fish pond, duunn, duuuunnnn duun!!! But I pulled a fast one and snuck around the side, checked out the flowerbed, very nice, and them I took a minute to look in the pond, took out my fishing pole and retrieved my pink ball I lost last round. Score!!!….#6 Pretty proud of the fact that I haven’t had to go mountain climbing at all this year. This hole has the tee off on one side, a ginormous deep ravine, with the green on the other side. I know the map says 110 yard but it feels more like 110 km, just saying…..#7  Got my game on and I’ll attribute it to the fact that 7 is half of my lucky number, had a couple of great shots and although I didn’t par it, I came close….# 8 I seem to have a penchant for driving right and ending up in the Enchanted Forest which is way more better than driving left and ending up in the Rain Forest ….#9 After the way that I started this round I figured I couldn’t possibly get any worse, boy oh boy, was I ever wrong, but it was all good, we had a great time and finished with  a celebratory drink on the deck,  got some sun and now have a lovely lobsteresque glow, not a bad way to spend a holiday Monday.

Golfing Pre-Season Round #3

Yesterdays Pre-Season-Pre-LPGA practice Round #3 was…….wait for it……awesome……The new clubs are very teal and look lovely, I managed to find a teal shirt in the closet so I looked very matchy-matchy…..I may need to find some teal golfing balls, but for right now the pink and purple and yellow don’t clash so they will have to do…..And as for my actually playing, I was pretty happy with the way the new clubs worked, although my old set had a #7 wood which was my go to club, I liked it and used it lots, and this new set doesn’t have one. A moment of panic when I reach for it and ??? I now have 2 Hybrid Clubs and again ??? I have no idea what to do with these 2, but thankfully I was with a good teacher-friend that helped me out….so it went something like #1 was good; #2 was really not so good, but not so bad that I got a 9, which makes it good; #3 we got to watch and cheer on a Dad with his first-time-golfing son and I didn’t go to the beach; the short hole was the bestest with a….wait for it…..Par! Yea!!…#5 saw my lovely pink ball go swimming right in the middle of the pond: so I substituted a purple ball and hit right over the ginormous gully on #6; I experimented with the hybrid clubs on #7 and I’m not sure but I think I like them; #8 and I ended up on the edge of the Enchanted forest, just the edge so no major search necessary; and as we were headed for the clubhouse the winds picked up, the clouds behind us looked a little drippy and thunder was booming, and because I really didn’t want my new golfing clubs to get hit by lightning, we decided to make it quick, whack, whack, whack, putt, putt, putt (might need a putting lesson) and we were done!! According to my new golfing score card app I had Par -1, Bogey – 2, Double Bogey – 3, and Worse – 3. Pretty happy with that, used to be not that long ago that the only thing registered was Worse – 9….Bob Hope said, “I’ll shoot my age if I live to be 105.” I’m hoping this will be the year that I shoot less than my age, for 9 holes, finally.


Lucky Girl

Just a quick recap of the first golfing game of the season: I finished with the ball I started with (always good) which was a lovely magenta color, I went to the beach on Hole #3 but got out quickly and moved on, Hole #4 I was on in 1 and would have parred it if I hadn’t of 3 putted, went for a swim on Hole #5, (I switched to a white ball cause the water scared me), then I decided that everyone has “that” hole and this was it for me, hacked, slashed and threatened to quit my way to the pin, Hole #6 involves teeing off and hitting over a huge gully, if you don’t make it you have to trek down the gully and mountain climb up the other side, it’s not as horrendous as I make it sound, but I was a driving fool today and BAM, nailed it, first try, over the green, 7, 8, and 9 and we were back to the clubhouse. Now I’m not saying I’m ready to go on tour tomorrow but I played pretty darn good, and then when He Who is So Lucky, went into the clubhouse, he was told that he won the Trade Fair prize of a new golf bag. Suweet except he doesn’t need a new golf bag, nor do I, so He Who is My Biggest fan, made a deal for credit to get me some new golfing clubs. All this and we got to spend the day with good friends, am I not the luckiest girl ever?

First Golfing Game of the 2016 Season

So here’s the thing, after being overlooked by the LPGA for the past couple of years, which was pretty heartbreaking, I must say, although last year with 2 rather damaged, gibbled up knees I totally understand why I wasn’t picked sooo….wait for it……I am off to making 2016 my year to make the team! I’ve decided that the best way to this would be to get some training in and I am here to announce that today, April 17 will be my first round of the season! I’ve got my golfing clubs ready, my pink glove, my golfing shoes, and once again the question was broached, How many golfing shoes does one girl need? And apparently the right answer is more than 1 but less than 5, but the season is just starting so that may change!!, my new ladybug counter is ready, and I might add, that I have 3 ladybugs in different colors so I can coordinate with my outfits, and I got new golfing balls!!! I am stocked, stooked and ready to go!! Stay tuned for more updates as the day/season progresses! It’s going to be a great year!!