The Reason For This Cruise….

Big day here, aboard this floating hotel! Day 5 otherwise known as Canal Day!!! I was going to say we have been up since the crack of dawn, but dawn is still a long ways away. It is now 6 am and we have been up since 5:30, we have the tv on channel 23 which is the view from the front of the ship, showing the crews deck, which they have opened up to the guests today…..for the time being we are not going to join the masses but sit on our balcony, enjoy room service, watch the sunrise as begin our journey through the Panama Canal….we have been planning and dreaming of this trip for years, I’m not sure when my intrigue with the canal first started, I’m thinking I may have read about it in a book at some point, perhaps in an Agatha Christie novel, because I’m sure Nancy Drew never went there, and then there was the movie Arsenic and Old Lace, with brother Teddy burying the “yellow fever victims” in the basment….He Who Loves History has always marveled at the inginuity and the sheer enormity of the Canal….this is an all day voyage, we meet the pilot boat this morning and the captain fills out the necessary paperwork, apparently they don’t let ships go through just willy-nilly, then we begin, ¬†ascending 2 locks on this side of the lake and descending 3 on the other…I don’t know if you can appreciate my excitement, but this is freaking awesome….Sunrise is beautiful, breakfast should be here soon,…It’s Thursday, Canal Day, so always remember and never forget: “There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.”~ Albert Einstei

Life is meant for spectacular adventures, let your feet wander, your eyes marvel and your soul ignite!

In Lock #2, we should start rising any minute now …and we are …then we go across Gaton Lake and by mid afternoon we will start going through the 3 descending locks….if anyone noticed my spelling error, thanks for not commenting…I thought the locks were ‘lochs’ like the Loch Ness Monster, I was wrong, too many days with an accent, it is a lock as in lock and key…I apologize if I confused anyone but myself….


Ok, so we popped on down to Deck 7 on the starboard side, and for those keeping track, that’s down 2 floors and on the other side of the ship, while we went through Lock 2…in the next lock was a big freighter, I was in awe, that is until I looked ahead and saw an even bigger one!! I can only imagine a 103 years ago when the built these locks, they likely thought they were huge, I doubt they ever imagined a ship ¬†large enough to fill the canal…quiet and lovely going across the lake


We are here!! Going through the second set of locks, I think there are 3, He Who Begs to Differ says 2….we shall see..

2 locks down – 1 to go…and for those keeping score, that is also 1 for me and 0 for He Who Can’t Count As Good As Me….

Wow!! All I say is so happy to ccheck this off the bucket list!! It was evertything that I thought it would be….we took some more pics of the Panama City skyline, hit the buffet for an easy supper, got all showered up and then headed for the back of the ship to the outdoor deck for a Girls-Against-Boys-Best-Out-Of-Three crib tournamnet – and the girls are victorious, then off to bed…


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