Stopping and Cruising Day 4

Good Morning, from Cartagena, Columbia. Just pulling into the dock. Our first visit to South American! Uncle Matt was up early and is pretty pumped!!….always remember and never forget: The world is yours to explore.


And we’re back on board and sailing away, only a few hours in Cartagena but it was enough to take a tour of the old city on a horse drawn carriage, listen to our tour guide, Leon, tell us stories and the history of the city and area, including a stop at one of the most famous streets in town….the street he was born on in 1954…..everyone’s a comedian….and do a bit of shopping, and I decided in the blistering sun and 29′ heat, it was just enough time to check it out but not get fried…..last night we did a lovely dress up supper at the Tsars Palace, yes, that’s right a Palace, just for me…and a few hundred other people, but mostly for me, crowns and coat of arms everywhere….then we had some pics taken and off to a magician comedy show, a talented you guy from Montreal, and yes, we may have clapped just a little bit louder because of that, but he was awesome, an evening nightcap and then back to our cabins…..I seriously could get used to this….

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