Getting Closer to The Canal….

So this morning we get up, not too early and after enjoying my coffee on the balcony, we head off to the aft, which means back, of the boat to a lovely outdoor patio which has become our preference for breakfast, then into the Stardust Theater for a lovely presentation on the building of the Panama Canal….and this lovely movie starts off talking about what they had to overcome building the canal way back when, such things as yellow fever! malaria! And how 25,000 people died building it and all I could think of is, Call me a Drama Queen now, will ya!!!! And ok, so they go on to say that they mostly erradicated both of those, but the point is, that I don’t really want to get either, so quite thankful for painful shots and muscle cramping pills…then we decided to join the masses and sit poolside to catch some rays, yup that’s right, the red-head, a couple of blondes, and He Who Seldom Burns, read our books for an hour in the hot Carribean sun, before conceding that It’s damn hot out, and going back to our cabins….loving the afternoon naps, this is getting to be quite a habit, and a sunny-morning balcony means an shady-afternoon one, the couple on the next balcony is outside as well, and much to my pleasure, they have accents, I freaking kid you not, UK or perhaps Wales, but it is lovely, simply lovely…..I will sit quietly and listen and read and listen and….I will grow through the people I meet and the places I see.

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