Day 6 and There’s Something In The Mist…..

Morning Day 6 and I got up way too early, it’s good though because it’s an At Sea day so a nap may be in order…yesterday was the most amazing day ever, so blessed that we were able to experience it and share it with good friends, freaking awesome!!….our balcony is on the shady side of the ship this morning since we’ve changed direction, which is great for this pale skinned blonde, but will likely be smoking hot this afternoon….as I sit here looking out to sea through the mist, I feel like we are not moving as fast as we have been, and I feel the ship going from side to side a little bit more than on the other ocean…we have seen many ships in the past six day, we’ve met lots and we’ve been passed by many, but this morning there is a ship a ways away from us, going the same direction and at the same speed, because I have been watching it for a while and… you think it could be pirates? I don’t actually see a pirate flag on it but it is quite misty, it doesn’t seem to be getting any closer but you know me, I’m a horrible judge of distance….I should go and get the binoculars out and have a closer look with getting any closer, but He Who Enjoys His Sleep, is snoozing and I’m not sure where they are….there was a second ship behind but it appears to be gone now, just hoping they aren’t working together and it hasn’t gone around to the other side….the wifi is a bit sketchy this morning, could be because the pirates are blocking the signal somehow, now I don’t know for sure that they can, I’m just saying that they could….I’m going to get another cup of coffee, because I think I want to be well caffinated if pirates attack, and have a peak for the binoculars without turning on any lights or opening the curtains…..It’s Friday, it’s sunny, stay tuned for the pirate ship saga…..

After spending a few hours after breakfast in the lounge at the bow of the ship, playing movie trivia and partaking in a a few beverages, we have split up, Mrs. Meister is taking a painting class, Mr. Meister and He Who Likes A Red, are doing a wine tasting and I am sitting in the central Atrium at the Java Cafe, enjoying a vanilla latte: it’s not Starbucks but it will do, people watching: there are many to watch and writing…and thinking about pirates… I share the immportal words of Peter Par, “Come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned.”

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