Monthly Archives: August 2016

Day 3 We Got This

Day 3 and this is going to be too easy: our motto this weekend was We’re Here For a Good Time and that’s exactly what we had. We may have Raised a Little Hell, but it was all for fun. There was more thatn Two For The Show, more like 5000 and I was more than a 3 Dressed UP as a 9, I was at least a 10. When he said, Hey, Pretty Lady, I just had to reply, Knock ‘Em DEad Kid. As the weekend is coming to an end we will all yell, Don’t Stop Now!! In The Moment That It Takes, The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car were gone on their way to Cold, Cold Toronto.

Today’s pre-show: Sang about my namesake, Roxy Roller, a couple of years before the POlice sang my song!!!

And we also enjoyed yelling for them to Turn It Loud, Just One More Time!!!

Is it too early to say that I’m looking forward to Rock The Lake 207???

Day Two – Reliving The Glory Days

Day Two:Whose Turn is it Tonight? Is the question on everone’s mind. It could be Snow White or Miss Plaza Suite, we’ll just have to wait and see, because We Ain’t in No Hurry. Sometimes I can’t believe this is Comin’ True, a mini-vacation and so much music. I know that Without You Love, I’ll Be Dancing With Danger, but the Joke’s On You because we know that you’ll be UNder My Thumb before too long. Heree Comes The NIght and if you look over there, you’ll see a Tin Soldier and a Drugstore Dancer and it makes you wonder, What Kind of Love is This? And today’s pre-show: I was begging Mama Let Him Play because All I wanna Do is sing along! And I get a Superstitious Feeling when I think about the Sweet Things in Life, and know doubt the Metal Queen will tell us all Whatcha Do To My Body.

Day One – Going Back in Time

Well, this is it, we’ve been Working For The Weekend for so long and it’s time to Turn Me Loose. It’s not every daythat we get to go back in time, so we really are the Lucky Ones and we’re Lovin’ Every Minute Of It. On this weekend I Lead a Double Life, fierst as the Queen of Broken Hearts and seond as a Lady of The 80’s. You will be able to hear me singing along because The Kid is Hot Tonight. He Who is an 80’s Guy, will try and Steal The Thunder, but wee knoen that isn’t going to happen. I saw this band way back in the 0’s, I think one of the first concerts I ever went to, and I rocked the t-shirt for a long time. This is Day One of what is going to be a fantastic weekend of good friends and good music. We know that When It’s Over, we could be Notorious or Dangerous, because after all, It’s Your Life. And just for fun, I’ll as you to Take Me to the Kaptain on the Spaceship Superstar.