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The Royals Are Coming! The Royals Are Coming!

So exactly what does one wear when one meets the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?? A very dear friend sent me an article that said The Royals Are Coming……*Accents On* I’m almost 99.9% sure that HRH’s are coming to see me! The article says that they are coming to BC. I live in BC! It also says a tour of the Yukon. I live on the road to the Yukon! It’s actually more officially known as The Alaska Highway, but you have to go through the Yukon to get to Alaska on the highway so it could be known as The-Way-To-Yukon-Alaska-Highway….

Anyways, back to my original question; What does one wear to meet the Prince and Princess? I will have to wear a hat, won’t I? I have a lovely red hat and a burgundy one, but they are perhaps a little too wintery, I have a blue jean one, but that is perhaps a bit too casual, I have the most amazing pink hat that is covered in pink feathers, and is so extremely special because Grandma Jaschke gave it to me, and it’s in a hat box and everything….but oh, oh wait… you see what she is wearing in the picture?


A lovely red fascinator. I just happen to have a black and red fascinator!! And I have red shoes that match! Yes! Yes! i think that’s it. Now just to work on the in between stuff, it should be elegant, understated, and classic, I think a shopping trip might be in order. Thank goodness they’re not coming until Autumn, which is a rather vague date, but I’ll just wait until their HRH’s secretary calls or writes to let me know what their schedule is for meeting me….The article said they are ‘delighted’ to visit Canada again. of course they didn’t mention my name specifically, because that would be “name-dropping” and Royals don’t do that, not proper….Is this not the most exciting news to happen this week!!! I think it is….. Now where did I put my tiara……👑


First Golfing Tour 2016

First golfing tour of 2016 and we are heading out to Charlie Lake…..and I know, it’s not a big tour, but it’s a tour none-the-less. I have not seen hide nor hair of the LPGA scouts and it’s almost the end of July already for heavens sake, so I’ve decided that maybe I should go and look for them….and where would scouts mostly likely be? Well, obviously at the ladies only Golf Fore The Cure golfing tournament at the lake, so this is exactly where I will be headed. This will be my third time participaing in this wonderful tournament for a wonderful cause, supporting breast cancer. Our regular ladies team is a member short, as someone is holidaying in the sunny south, but not a problem as we were able to get a lovely and talented future DIL of Miss Wendy to fill in the spot.

I am all ready, fresh teal toenail polish to match the new clubs and I shall be wearing a lovely teal golfing shirt, and yes, it is all about the fashion, have you seen those ladies in the LPGA tour, all matchy matchy. I want to show the scouts that I am one of those ladies. Tonight is just a practice round and martini social so I have hired a chauffeur, ok not exactly hired as in actually paying him, but He Who Volunteered to Drive, will be doing the honors. How lucky are we. Tomorrow will be a pink day for the tournament, because that is the official colour, so it will be pink shirt, hat, golove, ladybug, tees and of course golfing balls – and if that doesn’t catch the scouts eye, I’m not sure what will.


“They” said it was going to be a nice weekend, and I guess technically it isn’t the weekend until tomorrow, but where the heck did my sunshiny morning get to. The wind has picked up and the clouds are building, and they’re not the nice white puffy, marshmallow clouds, these are more the grey, black angry looking clouds. I will keep my fingers crossed that the winds will blow the angry clouds away and blue sky will be all that is left.

I leave you with these words of wisdom: Always remember and never forget: As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round. ~ Mr. Hogan.


Day 8 Ladies League

Well, last night was Day 8 of Ladies League and my quest to get on the LPGA tour took a couple of weeks off. Day 6 I had a house full of company and Day 7 it was raining cats and dogs at my house, but just a little ways away at the golfing course the sun was shining, and even though one of the pros told me that when I phoned, I thought he was funning with me, so our team decided to cancel. And wouldn’t you know it, it didn’t rain at the golfing course. Go figure. Oh well, it was a nice break, and yesterday was sunshiny and a gorgeous evening for a friendly game of Bingo Bango Boingo. No real score was kept, just points for First On, Closest to the Pin, and First In, and I gotta say, this was a lot of fun, and I think that when I get on the LPGA Tour, I will suggest that this game be played.

Our team had to pick up a spare as one of our regulars was away holidaying and I’d just like say if she reads this, she was missed. It’s really hard to explain Par 9 rules and all about beagles all by myself. It was a good night, and since we didn’t keep regular score, I’m going to say without a doubt it was one of my best games ever, I’m pretty sure. I avoided the grassy knoll on #2 and the beaches on #3, but did end up on the edge of the Enchanted Forest, and then hit the most fabulous shot, it must have gone 100 yards or more, except I only needed it to go about 50 yards. So I’ll just put it out there that is someone is walking in the Rainforest and comes across a pink ball, it’s mine. Switch to a purple ball, which is incredible pretty but incredible hard to see on the course, almost lost it a couple times, and one of those was on the fairway!! Switch to a bright yellow one and flew over the gully on #6 and my chip and a putt turned into a chip and another chip to hit the pin and in!! WooHoo!! Freaking amazing. I just wish the LPGA people could have seen that shot!! I would be an team member! It was a great night and we were one of the first teams back to the clubhouse, so we got the comfy chairs on the deck. Because really isn’t that what golfing is all about: sunshine, good friends, a cool beverage, and comfy chairs.

I’m Back

I’m Back! I’ve been having a busy summer and writing just seemed to get delegated to the end of the day, and at the end of the day I was tired. Started off the summer hosting our 19th Annual Friends Reunion which was a blast. Last week was busy playing catch up at work and getting the holiday trailer home and ready. The past weekend we attended our first music festival, Canola Fest, a local festival featuring local singers and a couple of more famous Canadian groups. It was a hoot, so many talented people in our area. Will definitely go again next year.

So I go home at lunch time, like I do most days, I go in the house and call Oscar. He used to meet me at the door, but he’s moving slower these days, and finally he arrives and I let him out on the front step. I start making my lunch then there’s scratching on the front door. Like seriously, cat!! You just went out! I open the door to this. Did he just bring me a flower?

So I go home at lunch time, like I do most days, I go in the house and call Oscar. He used to meet me at the door, but he’s moving slower these days, and finally he arrives and I let him out on the front step. I start making my lunch then there’s scratching on the front door. Like seriously, cat!! You just went out! I open the door to this. Did he just bring me a flower?20160718_121703

So I asked him, Are you picking my flowers? And I got this….


And then I said, Do you want in or what? And I got this….


I’ll take that as a, No.

And yes, I do talk to him that way, and yes I do think that he understands me. In fact I think that he understands more than he lets on that he understands… know what I mean. We have conversations and sometimes he uses “that tone” and I need to remind him, Hey, you’re not the boss of me!  But it’s all good, we love our Oscar.

A New Long Weekend Thing

We seem to be developing a ‘thing’ on long weekends, and the ‘thing’ we seem to be developing is, a round of golfing with the Chokin’s, which may or may not be their actual name, it all depends on if you have your glasses on or not…. Mrs. Chokin is a talented painter, breaks out in song whenever and wherever the mood hits her, much like I do, except she can actually sing so people want to listen, and she counts things for a living, too. Mr. Chokin, aka Al or Allan, Albert, Alvin, or even Alan (which looks similar to Allan but sounds quite different when you say it) ….So this July long weekend, like May Long, we went out and did a lovely round of golf, and apparently, us ladies, have rules and terms that the guys were unaware of, but never fear, because we schooled them in the finer art of Ladies Golf…..every hole is a Par 9, unless you get a F.R.P. which is a For Real Par, then use that one; if you chip onto the green and hit the flag, which I did on hole #6, it’s an automatic Par, no putting necessary; at any point in the game when one of us is struggling, it is perfectly acceptable to say Best Ball and move your ball up the better shot; and of course there’s all the beagles to count, and snowmen, yes, snowmen in July, and a snowman is also know as 1 under par, and we both wear ladybug counters, and if the ladybug says 6 but you’re pretty sure the number of shots is higher, it is totally acceptable to put down 6, because, ‘The bug never lies’ and if you finish the round with the same ball you started with, then you can take a stroke off your score as a bonus….unless it’s been a really, really tough round, then take 2 off, just because…..I really think that Mr. Chokin, Albert, was getting it by the time we were finishing because he told me on Hole #9, his score was a For Real Bogey also know as a F.R.B. or a Ferby (say FRB fast) and we have a new term!!! It’s just that easy…..I myself had what I used to think was a bad game, but what is fast becoming a typical game: landed and bounced down the highway on Hole #1, #2 was ok, ended up in the Enchanted Forest on #3, struggled on #4 feeling pressure from the group behind, #5 I had a fantastic drive, avoided the pond, I do need some putting practice, #6 was a hit-the-pin-par, #7 I went to the beach, #8 I had a fantastic drive and not much after, and #9 was a big finish with a Par 9, because double digits are not allowed!!….and then drinks on the deck in the comfy chairs, enjoying the sun and the company…..looking forward to August Long!!

Nice shot


I Had The Best of Intentions

Wow, I sat down at my computer over and hour ago with the intention to get something down on ‘paper’ as it were, and I have done nothing…..let’s clarify that, I have done lots, just not writing. I seem to have a very serious case of ADD today. I sat,  I heard a lawnmower, I thought, Hmm, who could that be, neighbour #1’s yard was just done, 2 of the others are on holiday, the other side is empty, and the far yards were cut this morning. This sounds like I am the neighbourhood Lawn Nazi, but really I just notice how nice or not peoples yards are….that could only mean one thing, He Who Is A Good Lawn Cutter, has borrowed or stolen a lawnmower and is taking care of our minuscule front yard. I was right and had to go and see, and that led to flower and tree watering and a discussion on sheds and rotary mowers and…. And back into the house and going upstairs I heard my dryer playing a tune for me, so back down and gotta fold those clothes right now so they don’t wrinkle, and since I’m here I should put away a few things, oh and that hanging shirt is wrinkled so might as iron it, and then no sense in leaving the clothes in basket, might as well put them away since they’re all folded… computer was sitting on the island in the kitchen, too many distractions, maybe if I move it into my office I can get something done so I went and got my Bose speaker, set my ipod to Easy Listening and…. maybe I should water my inside plants, my lovely African violet, asparagus fern, hibiscus tree and shamrock…..and sat down determined to get something written and text, Hey, invited the Builder Dude for supper. Cool, sure hope he doesn’t mind leftovers because that was MY plan for supper…..but perhaps I should make a broccoli salad or maybe…..going to see what I’ve got….and maybe tomorrow will be a better day to sit and write, because sometimes when the mind wanders so does the body…..

Happy Canada Day!!

I was going to post something new on here because I haven’t posted for a while but I’m afraid I don’t have time this morning. We are hosting our annual Canada Day / Garden Party today and I need to get some stuff done before we go to the parade so here is my FB post, because recycling is good, right?

♪♫•*Oh Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command…..*•♫♪ HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! (and yes, I’m singing it the way I learnt it, because, in my opinion, you DON’T mess with the anthem, any anthem)…Parade this morning and then the show and shine and stuff happening in the park, I think mostly kid stuff, but I have it on good authority that there is a pie sale at the museum (love the museum) ♪♫•*…With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the True North strong and free! …..*•♫♪ and I’m not listening to ‘them’, instead I’m looking out the window at blue sky, sunshine and a slightly turning balloon means a breeze. It is going to be a great day…..Uncle Travelling Matt is all dressed in his finest and has his trusty steed. Not sure, but I think he might be planning to run away and join the Musical Ride. ♪♫•*…From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee …..*•♫♪ He Who Travels More Than Matt, made it home last night, and is looking forward to the Garden Party, even though we have no garden yet, and is telling everyone to bring lawn chairs, even though we have no lawn…..yet….. ♪♫•*…God keep our land glorious and free. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee….*•♫♪ And once again HAPPY CANADA DAY!! and now for the big finish, *Canadian Accents On, eh*, sing it loud people….♪♫•*…O Canada, we stand on guard for thee….*•♫♪