Lawnmower Challenge 2.0

So I come home from work today, I’m downstairs in my home gym doing my pre-golf work out…which is just like a regular workout but today just happens to be golf day, anyway, I shut the music off and what do I hear…..wait for it…..a lawnmower!! Oh, oh, oh who could it be? Not Neighbour Carl, he’s too far away now, it’s my new Lawn Mower Challenge Adversary…..its, wait for it…….Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible (shhh keep that last part to yourself, I can’t let him know that I know)….So this is how it’s going to be: we both have ginormous sized yards, so we’re even there. With my old neighbourhood challenge, I had the advantage of youth over Neighbour Carl, now here I have the advantage of experience over Bob. He has a couple of trees to cut around, whereas I have none, and he also has a yard full of what can only be called Incredible training apparatuses, but that’s for another story, and lastly another huge advantage I have over him, is that the Little Incredibles are incredibly inquisitive and he must stop the lawn mower to converse with them, whereas Oscar is neither inquisitive nor a big conversationalist, unless it’s 4 in the morning and he’s out of food, but that again is another story….I can see right off the get-go I may need to set some ground rules for Bob Parr, such as, I golf on Monday’s so no cutting on Monday’s, and the challenge doesn’t officially start until I get grass in both the front and back. Capiche, Bob? I am so looking forward to getting a lawn, getting my trusty Lawn Boy out of storage and starting up Lawn Mower Challenge 2.0……and be warned Mr. Incredible, ummm I mean Bob, I take this challenge very, very seriously….or I will as soon as I get a lawn…Always remember and never forget: Look for something positive in every day even if some days you have to look a little harder. Let the challenges make you stronger.

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