Day 2 Ladies League

It’s a gorgeous sunshiny Monday!! Had a fantastic weekend, lawn dudes got the front lawn done and  are helping to get the base ready for the front deck, so exciting!! Yesterday was a leisurely, coffee on the deck kind of morning, the hurricane force winds were gone so it was perfect for a couple cups of coffee and a few games of double solitaire… the afternoon we loaded up the clubs and went down to Taylor to the driving range, because I got to thinking the other day, and I think that the pros probably golf more than once a week…..I’m not going to give up my day job just yet, but I should also try and get a little bit readier for when the call does come in…..and also because the last couple of times I’ve been out the new clubs have felt a little awkward, even though they look amazing and my toenail polish matched and my golfing shirt matched, I have struggled to hit very well….After hitting 103 balls, and yes, I counted them, and yes, it was exactly 103, anyway, after hitting that many golf balls, which I will add, is way more than I normally hit in 9 holes, even way more than 18 holes even if I were having the baddest game of my life….and start again; After hitting 103 balls I came to the conclusion: my driver works good most of the time, the 3 and 5 clubs are broken and only work good once or twice, the 4 and 5 hydrids, which are new to me, and I still am unsure why I have them or when to use them, but  I like them and can hit not too bad, so I guess I’ll keep them, and I’m keeping my seven iron because it’s half of my lucky number…..He Who Dials His Driver, noticed after a couple of mega hits, that his driver has a crack in it. Can you say Father’s Day Present? Sweet!!…. This evening is Day 2 of Ladies League and our foursome was down to a twosome but we picked up the ringer from last week, so now we’re a threesome, should be fun, and hoping that the 103 hits pay off!!….

The most important shot in golf is the next one.  Ben Hogan

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