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Days 3 & 4 of Golfing in The League

Good day Sports Fans!!  Time to do an update on Day 3 and Day 4 of the Links Ladies League golfing.  I didn’t say anything about Day 3 because it really wasn’t one of my better games, but that being said it really wasn’t one of the worstest games either. When I was in the clubhouse signing up, Mr. Golf Pro, that I took lessons from 5 years ago, asked how the new clubs were. I said, Well, they were good, but now they’re not so good. I had a couple of really good games and then a couple of really not good games. To which Mr. Golf Pro replied, That’s not the clubs – that’s golf!!

So during the course of the evening on the golfing course, it was decided that when I’m having a bad game every hole is a Par 9. I watched a little of the US Open on the weekend, just because we were in a hotel room and He Who Likes to Get Pointers, was watching, and I heard words that I don’t normally hear when I’m golfing. Such as Birdie, which for those not knowing the game but wanting to learn, means one under par, and Par is the number of hits that someone decided it takes to get from the start to the hole. Like I said, I’ve decided that the Par on each hole is open to interpretation, depending on how I happen to be playing. I find these terms fascinating, and did a little bit of Googling and found even more terms. The olden time golfers liked the Bird Theme for doing better than good, so in addition to the Birdie they added the Eagle, for two under par (I knew that) and the Albatross for three under (I did not know that one).

Now if you hit one over Par, it’s called a Bogey. My question is, exactly what is a Bogey? Once again Google to the rescue. I found out that it was named after a Bogey-Man which was a widely used term for a goblin or devil. Seriously? For one over! That seems a little bit mean.  Then I got reading some more and they have no fancy words if you are two or three over, just Double and Triple Bogey’s, but if you are 7, 8, or 9 over it’s a ‘Blow-Up’ or a ‘Disaster’. Ok, that’s enough!! This is where I draw the line. That is just too harsh and uncalled for, a disaster, seriously, not nice!!! We, and when I say we, I mean our ladies golfing team, decided last week that anything over a Triple Bogey and under a Par 9, would be a Beagle. Why? Because beagles are cute and fun and don’t judge your playing abilities. We like beagles. We hit a lot of beagles some days.

One last term I found in my research, which never really ever caught on was Whaup, which a lady suggested be used for a Hole-In-One. I like it!! If I ever get one, you’ll all hear me, WOO HOO WHAUP WOO HOO!!

Day 2 Mini Vacay

Day Two, and as I was enjoying a leisurely morning coffee, He Who Likes to Turn on a Dime, says, ’I need to do some working with some people from my truck at 9, OK?’ It wasn’t really a question as much as it was a statement. Uhhh, jeepers, I don’t know. I’m make-up less, my hair is wet and I’m only 2 sips into my leisurely cup of coffee and oh ya, it’s 8:20!!! But sure thing, I can do this. So at 8:45 the truck was loaded, Uncle Travelling Matt is sitting high and dry in the backseat and I have make up on, my hair is somewhat done, and we are ready to hit the road. First stop was for breakfast, which I was nominated to go and get. No matter where you go, the early morning coffee crowd at A & W’s are always the same. Comforting thought somehow.

A brief stop at Mount Robson, but the tallest mountain in the Rockies was socked in and unseeable this morning…..I love the mountains…..a quick stop in the gift shop and Uncle Matt and I scored big, a teddy bear for me and a new Canada outfit for him, suuweet!! Still no sasquatches, but a couple of lovely big elk with the velvet on their antlers and a huge mountain sheep sitting majestically on a mountain overlooking the highway…..and no I didn’t get pictures, too many other snap-happy tourists in the way.

And we arrived at our destination and on a drive-about to check things out, we first got lost and ended up at an amazing golf course and sparkling spa overlooking the valley. Then we wandered back into town and our GPS’s led us right to where we needed to be, at the family’s house. Some were more than surprised to see us, because a lot were able to keep a secret. Reintroduced to cousins – 2nd and 3rd, and an uncle and aunt, and all together because Aunt Sophia is going to be 100 years young.

Our Uncle Travelling Matt

For those of you unfamiliar with us and our travelling companion, let me take this time to introduce you to Uncle Travelling Matt. And yes, I know he is a Fraggle. He is an original Fraggle that I’ve had since he was popular and had his own tv show. He came out of storage about 5 years ago and has been adventuring with us ever since. He’s been to Maui, Vancouver Island, and Vancouver city, Moose Jaw, Calgary Stampede, Kauai, he missed a trip to Belize because he overslept, and he’s never done it again, Mexico a couple of times, Disneyland, and numerous small day and weekend trips around home. He likes to kayak, and yes, I do make him wear a lifejacket, really enjoys funky coffee shops and people watching, likes to fish and golf, camp and generally anything that is adventuresome. He is a great travelling companion and it always amazes us how recognized he is in faraway places.13417665_10153680571953587_2448677140654225764_n 13407255_10153680572338587_7089507816664591022_n

Day 1 Mini Vacay

Yesterday was Day One of our mini vacation. The past few days has had us deluged with Severe Weather Warnings, but our fair city has gotten away pretty much unscathed. Rain and more rain, but nothing serious, whereas the communities to the east and west have been hit hardest with flooding and road washouts. We took the opportunity to hit the road and head for higher ground, more specifically the mountains. Awesome drive through some very beautiful country, sasquatch country. I looked and looked and did not see one, but we came to the conclusion that due to the torrential down pours, they were probably further in, where it was drier. The only wildlife we saw the whole day were ravens, 5 of them, to be exact. We made it to our destination, just on the edge of the mountains.13450977_10153678188718587_3960027362733816318_n

I Like Trains!

It’s a rainy, gloomy kind of day and I’m feeling a little sad. Beside the weather bringing me down, here’s what’s happened. I work across from a rail yard and have been here for a long time. I like trains. I’ve liked them since I was 4. I like the noise they make. I like counting the cars. I’ve never been on a long train ride, but it is on my list of things to do. Anyway, at the end of the rail yard across from where I am, there sits an old flat train car with a little crane on it, all painted up nice and safety yellow, and on the same track sits an old caboose. It’s so cute, has the little turret top on it, looks like it’s in great condition…..that is it was in great condition until today……We heard a noise and looked across the road and…..WTH!?!?!!!….there’s a big hoe with big pincher-grabber thing and it’s tearing apart the flatbed!! Oh no, why? Why oh why would anyone do that? Then when the hoe was done tearing apart the crane, it scooted on over, and started in on the caboose. It grabbed on the top and flipped it over on its side, the wheels fell off, and then the ginormous hoe started tearing it apart……I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to leave and go home (actually it was lunchtime,  which helps with a dramatic exit)….with a heavy heart I went home and bitterly complained and shared my sad story, complete with pictures,  with He Who Listens Patiently, heard my cries of, “How could they?” “Why? Why? Why? Would they do that?” and finally “How come nobody asked me if they could tear down the caboose?”……to which he gently replied, “It wasn’t your caboose.”……and I not so gently replied, “I know that! But I liked it and if someone would have just asked me if I wanted it, I would have said yes.” ……Not quite sure where I would have put it, but I would have found a place, but it really doesn’t matter now…..I came back to work after lunch and looking out the windows, the rain running down reminds me of tears….it’s all gone, the flatbed, the caboose, there is nothing left but a pile of scrap….I’m sure the rail people have a plan and I’m sure there was no memo to consult with me but jeepers……Always remember and never forget: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……I mean if a train doesn’t stop at your station, then it’s not your train.


Lawnmower Challenge 2.0

So I come home from work today, I’m downstairs in my home gym doing my pre-golf work out…which is just like a regular workout but today just happens to be golf day, anyway, I shut the music off and what do I hear…..wait for it…..a lawnmower!! Oh, oh, oh who could it be? Not Neighbour Carl, he’s too far away now, it’s my new Lawn Mower Challenge Adversary…..its, wait for it…….Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible (shhh keep that last part to yourself, I can’t let him know that I know)….So this is how it’s going to be: we both have ginormous sized yards, so we’re even there. With my old neighbourhood challenge, I had the advantage of youth over Neighbour Carl, now here I have the advantage of experience over Bob. He has a couple of trees to cut around, whereas I have none, and he also has a yard full of what can only be called Incredible training apparatuses, but that’s for another story, and lastly another huge advantage I have over him, is that the Little Incredibles are incredibly inquisitive and he must stop the lawn mower to converse with them, whereas Oscar is neither inquisitive nor a big conversationalist, unless it’s 4 in the morning and he’s out of food, but that again is another story….I can see right off the get-go I may need to set some ground rules for Bob Parr, such as, I golf on Monday’s so no cutting on Monday’s, and the challenge doesn’t officially start until I get grass in both the front and back. Capiche, Bob? I am so looking forward to getting a lawn, getting my trusty Lawn Boy out of storage and starting up Lawn Mower Challenge 2.0……and be warned Mr. Incredible, ummm I mean Bob, I take this challenge very, very seriously….or I will as soon as I get a lawn…Always remember and never forget: Look for something positive in every day even if some days you have to look a little harder. Let the challenges make you stronger.

Day 2 Ladies League

It’s a gorgeous sunshiny Monday!! Had a fantastic weekend, lawn dudes got the front lawn done and  are helping to get the base ready for the front deck, so exciting!! Yesterday was a leisurely, coffee on the deck kind of morning, the hurricane force winds were gone so it was perfect for a couple cups of coffee and a few games of double solitaire… the afternoon we loaded up the clubs and went down to Taylor to the driving range, because I got to thinking the other day, and I think that the pros probably golf more than once a week…..I’m not going to give up my day job just yet, but I should also try and get a little bit readier for when the call does come in…..and also because the last couple of times I’ve been out the new clubs have felt a little awkward, even though they look amazing and my toenail polish matched and my golfing shirt matched, I have struggled to hit very well….After hitting 103 balls, and yes, I counted them, and yes, it was exactly 103, anyway, after hitting that many golf balls, which I will add, is way more than I normally hit in 9 holes, even way more than 18 holes even if I were having the baddest game of my life….and start again; After hitting 103 balls I came to the conclusion: my driver works good most of the time, the 3 and 5 clubs are broken and only work good once or twice, the 4 and 5 hydrids, which are new to me, and I still am unsure why I have them or when to use them, but  I like them and can hit not too bad, so I guess I’ll keep them, and I’m keeping my seven iron because it’s half of my lucky number…..He Who Dials His Driver, noticed after a couple of mega hits, that his driver has a crack in it. Can you say Father’s Day Present? Sweet!!…. This evening is Day 2 of Ladies League and our foursome was down to a twosome but we picked up the ringer from last week, so now we’re a threesome, should be fun, and hoping that the 103 hits pay off!!….

The most important shot in golf is the next one.  Ben Hogan

Wonderful Wednesday!

Wonderful Wednesday!! Just a quick recap of the Monday Ladies League Golfing Game #1 – I’m more than thankful that the LPGA scouts were not out and about. Here’s what happened, each League night, the powers that be at the Pro Shop come up with a game for us to play, and for the past couple of years, our started game has been Guess Your Score. So I came totally prepared with a number, which I must say, I would have seriously surpassed, and yes, I said seriously, it was not one of my better nights. The good news is that the game we got to play was Best Ball and it was a total team effort, which was just perfect. I think that I am still adjusting to the new clubs, at least this is my new story and I’m sticking to it!! It was a great evening, the weather was warm and windless, there was few to no bugs, and I did make a few shots that were worthy of being the Best Ball, so I was pretty stoked about that!! Next week, new game and another chance to Wow, the LPGA scouts!

I think that I may be in the market sooner than later for a new coffee maker.  One morning last week my older model one-cup coffee maker decided that instead of making a cup it would make a pot, which would be kind of cool if I actually had a pot to use instead of my to-go cup, but not so cool when I walk into the kitchen and it’s brewing, brewing, brewing and just another excuse why I was late for work, clean counter tops….lunch time I tested it and 12 oz on the line, after supper cup, perfectly filled…… whaaaat??? The next morning, I’m confident everything is right with my brewer, hit the button and as I’m walking away to continue getting ready, I think to myself, Stop! Do you really trust it? And I make it back just a smidgeon before my cup overfloweth…..a few more test cups and all is good, and then again on the weekend, a couple times it thought it was a big machine….

There’s a fun word for you: Smidgeon, the best little-bit describing word ever!! I just Googled a smidgeon and what came up was SMIDGEN:  a small amount of something. I already knew this but did you notice that I spelt it different, so I looked a little further and SMIDGEN  is in the Merriam-Webster version and SMIGEON (my way) is in the Collins English Dictionary, UK – cool hey, even when I’m not trying I write with an *accent on*……

Always remember and never forget: Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee!!