Golfing Pre-Season Round #3

Yesterdays Pre-Season-Pre-LPGA practice Round #3 was…….wait for it……awesome……The new clubs are very teal and look lovely, I managed to find a teal shirt in the closet so I looked very matchy-matchy…..I may need to find some teal golfing balls, but for right now the pink and purple and yellow don’t clash so they will have to do…..And as for my actually playing, I was pretty happy with the way the new clubs worked, although my old set had a #7 wood which was my go to club, I liked it and used it lots, and this new set doesn’t have one. A moment of panic when I reach for it and ??? I now have 2 Hybrid Clubs and again ??? I have no idea what to do with these 2, but thankfully I was with a good teacher-friend that helped me out….so it went something like #1 was good; #2 was really not so good, but not so bad that I got a 9, which makes it good; #3 we got to watch and cheer on a Dad with his first-time-golfing son and I didn’t go to the beach; the short hole was the bestest with a….wait for it…..Par! Yea!!…#5 saw my lovely pink ball go swimming right in the middle of the pond: so I substituted a purple ball and hit right over the ginormous gully on #6; I experimented with the hybrid clubs on #7 and I’m not sure but I think I like them; #8 and I ended up on the edge of the Enchanted forest, just the edge so no major search necessary; and as we were headed for the clubhouse the winds picked up, the clouds behind us looked a little drippy and thunder was booming, and because I really didn’t want my new golfing clubs to get hit by lightning, we decided to make it quick, whack, whack, whack, putt, putt, putt (might need a putting lesson) and we were done!! According to my new golfing score card app I had Par -1, Bogey – 2, Double Bogey – 3, and Worse – 3. Pretty happy with that, used to be not that long ago that the only thing registered was Worse – 9….Bob Hope said, “I’ll shoot my age if I live to be 105.” I’m hoping this will be the year that I shoot less than my age, for 9 holes, finally.


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