Old Neighbourhood – Good Friends

Some days I can write and write and write and then some days, nada, zilch, zip, nothing…..and today was one of those days…..So I was perusing Facebook and came across this little blurb from a year ago….and all I can say is, Wow! Sometimes I even amaze myself by where I go When The Mind Wanders…..

♪♫•*Who are the people in your neighborhood/in your neighborhood *•♫♪…It was a nice evening so we decided to have a fire and invite one of the neighbors over….it was very eye opening….you may recall our neighbor, MI6 Secret Agent, just a recap, he has a “wife” and “family” and until last night I wasn’t sure if they were for real, or if they are secret agents, too or just part of his cover, but now I know for sure….. they are for real secret agents, too!! Mrs. MI6 recently got a promotion at work (yea) and when I asked her about the new job, she said, She loved it. There was a huge “learning curve” and that she had a really good “team”. OK right!!! She’s one of MI6’s trainers!!! You see it, too right? I’ve decided that their “kids” are their own, but they are in training also, The Son, a student, is in Cadets and is big into archery, well duh!! Perhaps not the most subtle undercover cover, but he’s making it work. The Daughter, is playing the role of a typical teenager, just got her license, a part time job, loves to shop and hanging out with friends. She has totally nailed her part and is so believable. So here’s what happened as the evening progressed….I noticed a satellite overhead, pointed it out, He Who is Not Subtle, says to MI6, They’re watching you, because of your past! *wink wink* (he didn’t actually wink, but he should have). MI6 answers, Ya that’s right. OH. EM. GEE. So me being me, I asked, Are you a MI6 Agent? He was very coy, and didn’t answer but we all know what that means… Do you know James Bond? Yes, he’s me brother, I’m 006. Again OH. EM. GEE. And in the interest of national security and because MI6 has taken us into his confidence, I won’t tell you everything else that was said, but suffice to say, that I may just be well on my way to becoming a Secret Agent, too…..today’s story was brought to you on what would have been the 93rd birthday of the greatest story-teller of all, my Dad, just confirming that I am, without a doubt, my father’s daughter.

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