A Lovely Birthday Day

A sunshiny Sunday Morning. I had a wonderful day yesterday, thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes, the hugs and the love….the Fireman’s Ball was packed last night, besides our local fire fighter heroes, I noticed badges from surrounding communities and even the lower mainland, and there was a lot of red serge, as well, we got to hear first hand from a local burn survivor where our donations go and how much good they do, it was a wonderful evening…..I got my new golfing clubs yesterday, and they’re teal, which match my glasses but not my eyes, and they have the fancy, all-matching, head covers, and I’m pretty sure this is Step One to going on tour….I do love a good mystery and really what would a birthday be without one….I got a birthday card from He Who Likes to Surprise Me, which in itself is a surprise because he usually doesn’t get me a card, He said, I got you a present, but it isn’t here. ??? He said, It’s getting made and it was done but it wasn’t quite right so now it’s getting re-done. Mystery #1…..The Boy came over for lunch handed me…..wait for it…..The Jungle Book DVD!!!!…..Suuweet and 2 boxes of chalk…..so I said, Umm, thanks it’s just what I always wanted???…..to which he replied, Dad didn’t give you his gift?? I don’t know! I was just told to give you chalk, so I gave you chalk…. Mystery #2…..so now I wait and wonder, because really what good is a mystery without a little suspense….and last but certainly not least, I got a visit from The Incredibles, umm no, I mean from our neighbour Helen, Dash, and Jack-Jack, with the most purpliest African violet, which I’m going to put in my office, I missed daughter Violet, who was off doing training, umm no, I mean at a friend’s birthday party…. then an even bigger surprise, Bob Parr cut our front lawn, which is so sad looking, and he had help from Dash with his green and yellow lawn mower, seriously this kid is Incredible, what 3 1/2 year cuts lawns, just saying!!….It was a great day, and today is going to be as well, always remember and never forget: You’re blessed beyond measure. Every single day is a day you should treasure.


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