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Ladies League Day 1

OK sports fans this is it….the day you’ve all been eagerly awaiting….Tonight is…wait for it….the start of Ladies League 2016!!! And the beginning of the third year of my quest for a spot on the LPGA Tour….so here’s where I stand going into this season for those of you who may have missed a post, I’ve played 4 practice rounds – 2 very good and 2 were not very good, and if you count things like I do, you’ll see that 2 good cancel out 2 not good so I ‘m starting fresh this evening….it’s a little cooler and it’s also a little cloudy but as long as it’s not pouring rain, because I am sugar, I will be out there…. I’m not a huge fan of watching golf on TV, I’d rather get out and play, unlike football, where I would rather watch than play, but that’s another story for another time….back to TV golf, The British Open has a ladies division, who knew? Probably everyone that watches on TV, which I’ve already said I don’t… here’s the thing, I was thinking that since I like accents so much, and I think that I will have a way better chance of getting invited to the Queen’s Garden Parties if I was actually in England, perhaps I should set my sights on getting a spot at the Women’s British Open……Hang on now! Just checking the dates and there appears to be a little conflict of interest, the WBO, as those of us in the sport call it, is only for 4 days the end of July and if I remember correctly, somewhere in those 4 days my anniversary falls…..oh bloody hell, that’s not really going to work is it? OK *accent off* and we’re back to the LPGA…..OK so going to go out with the ladies this evening, play around, have some laughs, and give it my best shot at getting on tour this year….It’s Monday! It’s going to be a great evening and always remember and never forget: Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!!

It’s Friday!!!

So after a week of threatening-to-rain-skies and “them” telling us It’s going to rain!! We got maybe 10 drops….this morning as I was leaving the neighbourhood, I looked right and then left (cause that’s what you do at a stop sign. Safety first) and to the left the trees were shrouded in fog, barely visible, and my first thought was, Reminds me of the moors in Scotland…..which is really cool, except that I’ve never seen a moor and I’ve never been to Scotland…… but saying, ‘It reminds me of what I think the moors of Scotland must look like from the books I’ve read’, takes way too long to think and doesn’t sound as cool…. the rest of my drive was uneventful, at the hobby farm, the cows were munching and calves were hanging out in the trees, traffic was minimal and ‘minimal’ means it was just me and the truck following me….and so you would think that on Week #21 Day 5 (but actually 4) that I was on time for work…..wait for it…. if you thought that you would be wrong because as I was admiring all the black cows, the radio said, “It’s 6:29 and this is your morning news….” and I was only about half way into my 8 minute commute….. here’s a fun fact about my commute, according to Google Maps, at the early morning hours it’s an 8 minute drive, or a 59 minute walk or an 18 min bike ride, why is that fun, well, it’s actually quite funny to think that I would be getting up any earlier, like when it’s still dark out to walk or bike to work…..It’s Friday! I can almost see the weekend – if you look really hard through the fog 😉 Always remember and never forget: We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are. ~ Anais Nin

anais nin


How to Hang a Clock

3 pictures to hang = 5 holes in the walls. True story. But in all faIrness to He Who is The Picture Hanger, it wasn’t entirely his fault…well, it sort of was, but I’m trying to be nice…..we had a clock in our old house and it is quite large. We took a long time to find just the right clock, and by a long time, I am talking years, so obviously we really like it and would like to hang it in the new house. We found what we we thought was the perfect spot, over the back door which was perfect for oh so many resons: the clock is dark which matches the cupboards, it can be seen from anywhere in the room and we both agreed that it was a good place….measure twice, pound holes once, is a good motto and one that was followed, the clock was measured and it fit into the opening….just fit… the heavy duty screw was put into the wall and then we lifted up the clock and….we, and when I say we I mean not me, as I was mostly a bystander handing tools and clocks and stuff… we went to place the clock and oops, the little hangy thing on the back wasn’t right at the top and the clock couldn’t be hung….hole #1….so the clock was taken down and measured once more and the screw was taken out and replaced and the clock was hung…. now this is where you should be hearing some Yippees! or maybe a Hurray or two, but now what has happened is that the clock is an inch or so lower and remember when I said it just fit, I meant it, so now the clock is hanging over the trim on the door….and we look at each other and say, It’s ok. It doesn’t look that bad….hole #2….so I grab another picture and ask if he could hang this one on the left side of  the door, and he hangs it on the right because he thinks it looks better there….and he’s right it does look better…..hole #3 and an atta boy…..I have one more picture that I would like hung in the kitchen, over the sink, my Live Love Laugh, which is cheesy but I love it, and he climbs up the step stool onto the cupboard and measures and easy-peasy, my kitchen in now done….hole #4…..and time went on and then finally He Who Has an Opinion said, I hate that clock there, and I said, Oh thank goodness! So do I, just didn’t want to hurt your feelings. As he was taking the clock down, I had an idea and went searching through boxes until I found just the right picture…’s a picture that I fell in love with a few years ago, and He Who Sometime Endulges Me, bought it. We never hung it up in the old house, just never had the right spot, but now we do. Measure the picture, measure the opening and yup, you guessed it, move that same screw one last time, and voila!!!  3 pictures hung – 5 holes, a little bit of putty and a couple dabs of paint and…..wait for it……YIPPEE! HURRAY!HURRAY!…..So always remember and never forget: If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. If it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t. If you’re ever in question, move the screw, pick a new picture and enjoy!!20160524_210656

A Bad Day Golfing….

….Still Beats a Good Day Working!!

Sometimes it’s just enough to spend a few hours with friends visiting, laughing and enjoying the fact the sun decided to grace us with its presence, and thankful for the holiday Monday or we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it….and thankful that it as just a Pre-League game of golf and there were no LPGA people scouting….

#1 It was like my first time out golfing, and no, I don’t mean my first time with the new clubs, but my first time golfing EVER, but I was determined that Hole #1 was not going to set the tone for the rest of the round….#2  was way more better, had a little oops at the end when I landed under a pine tree, but I strategically whacked it and voila on the green and putt-putt (I need more putting practice)….#3 and I got to try out a new club, a sand wedge, not to be confused with a sandwich, but which sounds very similar. So true story, went to the beach and tried out the sand wedge, which worked amazing at getting me out of the beach but sent me right towards the Enchanted Forest. That darn golf ball was hell-bent on going into the Forest but the Enchanted trees were having no part of that, and kept spitting it back out, thank goodness….#4 Is fast becoming my favoritist hole, a nice drive, a chip on and a putt in for par, nope, drive, chip and again putt-putt (damn it) for a bogey, not to be confused with a boogey which is a funky way of dancing rather than 1 over par….#5 Had a nice drive and there it was, my nemesis! The fish pond, duunn, duuuunnnn duun!!! But I pulled a fast one and snuck around the side, checked out the flowerbed, very nice, and them I took a minute to look in the pond, took out my fishing pole and retrieved my pink ball I lost last round. Score!!!….#6 Pretty proud of the fact that I haven’t had to go mountain climbing at all this year. This hole has the tee off on one side, a ginormous deep ravine, with the green on the other side. I know the map says 110 yard but it feels more like 110 km, just saying…..#7  Got my game on and I’ll attribute it to the fact that 7 is half of my lucky number, had a couple of great shots and although I didn’t par it, I came close….# 8 I seem to have a penchant for driving right and ending up in the Enchanted Forest which is way more better than driving left and ending up in the Rain Forest ….#9 After the way that I started this round I figured I couldn’t possibly get any worse, boy oh boy, was I ever wrong, but it was all good, we had a great time and finished with  a celebratory drink on the deck,  got some sun and now have a lovely lobsteresque glow, not a bad way to spend a holiday Monday.

Happy Victoria Day!

*Accents On* First off we will be choosing a British accent in order to wish Queen Victoria a lovely 197th Birthday and to thank her for all she did for Canada in her 64 years as Monarch, including us getting this day as a national holiday…..Look at all she gave us, first off Victoria, was named after her, then in good turn she named British Columbia, Regina, SK was named after her, Alberta was named after her daughter, she also named Ottawa and Price Edward Island is named after her father….whew!! That’s a lot of names….switching now *accents on* to rolling Scottish brogue, Aye lads and lassies, tis such a lovely sunshiny day, that would be a shame te waste it. If you hadn’t guessed, we shall be heading to our favorite golfing course with some of our favorite people to enjoy the sunshine, because you know what they say, Golf is just a good walk spoiled…..and for those of you keeping score, This is Pre-Ladies League-Pre-LPGA Round #4 and Practice Round #2 with the new clubs,which are teal and pretty and my toe-nail polish matches and…for those of you not keeping score: Good on ya! I’m not sure how long I’ll be keeping score….So whether you be sporting a lovely British accent today, or perhaps golfing with a Scottish one, have a wonderful Victoria Day and pay homage to a great queen and be thankful her name wasn’t Gertrude…..

May Long 2016 or Just Another Snow Day

♪♫•*¨ Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on lets go and play…..¨*•♫♪…Do you remember my album Come Visit Us on May Long from 7 years ago? Well, revisit that one, except different yard and house, but same snowfall warning,,,,,drive safe out there for all you die-hards going camping, because The Boy will be among the travellers……. As for us, I made a list and I’m checking it twice: Bailey’s for the coffee, popcorn for popping, might revisit Agatha Christie, loaded a bunch of her books onto the e-reader, got a stack of Disney movies ready, or maybe this would be a good weekend for a Harry Potter Marathon!! I could so do that too!!! Fireplace is good to go and guess what else? Our ensuite now has heated tile floor!! Our old house had heated tile in both upstairs bathrooms and the kitchen. The new house has no tile in the kitchen but both upstairs bathrooms are tiled as is the entry way. Due to a miscommunication, there was no heat put in the ensuite, which made me sad, and made He Who Hates My Cold Feet even sadder. It isn’t easy getting the floor heated after the fact, but they did it, the tile guys, the carpenter guy, and lastly the electrical guy all came over and did their things and VOILA, the timing couldn’t have been better!! My feet are loving it, as is King Oscar, who has now claimed the ensuite as his own. We had a little discussion this morning about sharing space. I won this time, but I’m thinking this is just the beginning of an ongoing battle, that cat takes up a lot of real estate…

The birthday week celebrations have come to an end. It all began with supper out with a friend and gorgeous flowers, a wonderful gala evening, a birthday cake delivered to work and a great visit, and finished off with friends, a couple bottles of wine, a great meal and solving many of the world’s problems and as always supporting and encouraging one another. Once again I am forever blessed and grateful for the loving, caring friends and family that I have in my life….

♪♫•*¨It’s beginning to look a lot like…..¨*•♫♪ it’s not going to be stopping anytime soon, but at least I don’t have to worry about how the wet heavy snow will affect my trees – don’t have any, or my flowers – don’t have any, and I’m sure it will be good for the teeny bit of lawn that I do have, and as for the forest fires, this have got to be awesome for putting them out!!

And tomorrow I will be singing, ♪♫•*¨Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we’ve no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! *•♫♪

May Long 2016

Golfing Pre-Season Round #3

Yesterdays Pre-Season-Pre-LPGA practice Round #3 was…….wait for it……awesome……The new clubs are very teal and look lovely, I managed to find a teal shirt in the closet so I looked very matchy-matchy…..I may need to find some teal golfing balls, but for right now the pink and purple and yellow don’t clash so they will have to do…..And as for my actually playing, I was pretty happy with the way the new clubs worked, although my old set had a #7 wood which was my go to club, I liked it and used it lots, and this new set doesn’t have one. A moment of panic when I reach for it and ??? I now have 2 Hybrid Clubs and again ??? I have no idea what to do with these 2, but thankfully I was with a good teacher-friend that helped me out….so it went something like #1 was good; #2 was really not so good, but not so bad that I got a 9, which makes it good; #3 we got to watch and cheer on a Dad with his first-time-golfing son and I didn’t go to the beach; the short hole was the bestest with a….wait for it…..Par! Yea!!…#5 saw my lovely pink ball go swimming right in the middle of the pond: so I substituted a purple ball and hit right over the ginormous gully on #6; I experimented with the hybrid clubs on #7 and I’m not sure but I think I like them; #8 and I ended up on the edge of the Enchanted forest, just the edge so no major search necessary; and as we were headed for the clubhouse the winds picked up, the clouds behind us looked a little drippy and thunder was booming, and because I really didn’t want my new golfing clubs to get hit by lightning, we decided to make it quick, whack, whack, whack, putt, putt, putt (might need a putting lesson) and we were done!! According to my new golfing score card app I had Par -1, Bogey – 2, Double Bogey – 3, and Worse – 3. Pretty happy with that, used to be not that long ago that the only thing registered was Worse – 9….Bob Hope said, “I’ll shoot my age if I live to be 105.” I’m hoping this will be the year that I shoot less than my age, for 9 holes, finally.


Old Neighbourhood – Good Friends

Some days I can write and write and write and then some days, nada, zilch, zip, nothing…..and today was one of those days…..So I was perusing Facebook and came across this little blurb from a year ago….and all I can say is, Wow! Sometimes I even amaze myself by where I go When The Mind Wanders…..

♪♫•*Who are the people in your neighborhood/in your neighborhood *•♫♪…It was a nice evening so we decided to have a fire and invite one of the neighbors over….it was very eye opening….you may recall our neighbor, MI6 Secret Agent, just a recap, he has a “wife” and “family” and until last night I wasn’t sure if they were for real, or if they are secret agents, too or just part of his cover, but now I know for sure….. they are for real secret agents, too!! Mrs. MI6 recently got a promotion at work (yea) and when I asked her about the new job, she said, She loved it. There was a huge “learning curve” and that she had a really good “team”. OK right!!! She’s one of MI6’s trainers!!! You see it, too right? I’ve decided that their “kids” are their own, but they are in training also, The Son, a student, is in Cadets and is big into archery, well duh!! Perhaps not the most subtle undercover cover, but he’s making it work. The Daughter, is playing the role of a typical teenager, just got her license, a part time job, loves to shop and hanging out with friends. She has totally nailed her part and is so believable. So here’s what happened as the evening progressed….I noticed a satellite overhead, pointed it out, He Who is Not Subtle, says to MI6, They’re watching you, because of your past! *wink wink* (he didn’t actually wink, but he should have). MI6 answers, Ya that’s right. OH. EM. GEE. So me being me, I asked, Are you a MI6 Agent? He was very coy, and didn’t answer but we all know what that means… Do you know James Bond? Yes, he’s me brother, I’m 006. Again OH. EM. GEE. And in the interest of national security and because MI6 has taken us into his confidence, I won’t tell you everything else that was said, but suffice to say, that I may just be well on my way to becoming a Secret Agent, too…’s story was brought to you on what would have been the 93rd birthday of the greatest story-teller of all, my Dad, just confirming that I am, without a doubt, my father’s daughter.

A Lovely Birthday Day

A sunshiny Sunday Morning. I had a wonderful day yesterday, thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes, the hugs and the love….the Fireman’s Ball was packed last night, besides our local fire fighter heroes, I noticed badges from surrounding communities and even the lower mainland, and there was a lot of red serge, as well, we got to hear first hand from a local burn survivor where our donations go and how much good they do, it was a wonderful evening…..I got my new golfing clubs yesterday, and they’re teal, which match my glasses but not my eyes, and they have the fancy, all-matching, head covers, and I’m pretty sure this is Step One to going on tour….I do love a good mystery and really what would a birthday be without one….I got a birthday card from He Who Likes to Surprise Me, which in itself is a surprise because he usually doesn’t get me a card, He said, I got you a present, but it isn’t here. ??? He said, It’s getting made and it was done but it wasn’t quite right so now it’s getting re-done. Mystery #1…..The Boy came over for lunch handed me…..wait for it…..The Jungle Book DVD!!!!…..Suuweet and 2 boxes of chalk… I said, Umm, thanks it’s just what I always wanted???… which he replied, Dad didn’t give you his gift?? I don’t know! I was just told to give you chalk, so I gave you chalk…. Mystery #2… now I wait and wonder, because really what good is a mystery without a little suspense….and last but certainly not least, I got a visit from The Incredibles, umm no, I mean from our neighbour Helen, Dash, and Jack-Jack, with the most purpliest African violet, which I’m going to put in my office, I missed daughter Violet, who was off doing training, umm no, I mean at a friend’s birthday party…. then an even bigger surprise, Bob Parr cut our front lawn, which is so sad looking, and he had help from Dash with his green and yellow lawn mower, seriously this kid is Incredible, what 3 1/2 year cuts lawns, just saying!!….It was a great day, and today is going to be as well, always remember and never forget: You’re blessed beyond measure. Every single day is a day you should treasure.


Just a Thought…..

Just had a thought.  I’ve actually had several thoughts this morning, but just had a thought that I wanted to share…..You know how some people get letters after their name,  for instance there are all kinds of Commonwealth orders and national orders, as well as orders from every province. I am honestly not sure how you go about getting those letters after your name. There are lots of national decorations for serving in the military as well as appoints to the monarch – neither of which I’m eligible for…..and then there are the letters you get to put after your name for being a lawyer or a judge and the ones you get for continuing your education in the schools of higher learning…..But what about the letters we put in front of our names, such as Mr. Ms. Miss, and my personal favorite Mrs……so I just got to thinking since I don’t have any letters after my name, I want to change the letters in front of my name. Now, please nobody freak out and call He Who Has is My Mr., it’s nothing like that, I just think I would like to change my letters to “H.R.H.”….. just a thought.