Home Gym/Multi Purpose Room

I had a few ‘wants’ for the new house; at the top of the list was an island, got it, a decent sized entry way, got it, and an exercise room, got it (but for re-sale purposes, it could also be called a bedroom)…. it’s a large room, with a big window, with lots of room for my flexing machine, my walking machine and other assorted paraphernalia that I may or may not use.  I added a mirror, because all gyms have them, not that I ever use it, but it’s there if I want it. I love working out at home. I can go whenever I want, whatever time fits my schedule, I never have to wait for a machine to come free, (truthfully though, I only have 2 machines and I don’t use them on the same day….but I could if I wanted to), and I am in charge of the music, how loud, what type depending on my mood, and if “Better When I’m Dancing” is motivating me then repeat, repeat, repeat and no complaints….and lastly I added an ironing board. True story, and here’s why, my weight workout consists of: do a set, rest for a minute, increase weight, do another set, rest for a minute, repeat 6 times and rest for 2 minutes, then change exercise and start again….I’m all about multi-tasking and getting things done and it seemed to me that standing around doing nothing, even in minute intervals was a waste of time. Many times I’ve had a load of laundry to fold, then the challenge was how many towels can you fold in a minute or how many pairs of socks can I match up. Always up for a challenge. Then I thought, hmmmm ironing, not one of my favorite chores but if I do it with upbeat music playing, I might just get it done and actually enjoy it…. And yes it does take a while to iron a dress shirt in 1 minute increments, but I can get quite a few done and dress pants, too, by the time my workouts over…..Win-Win….I  feel good physically, spirits and psyche uplifted, and folding and/or ironing done…..ok, it’s a Win-Win-Win…..

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