New Neighbourhood – New Neighbours

Well, we’ve been in our new house with new neighbours for 4 months now and it’s really hard to get to know your neighbours in the dead of a northern winter, but that is all changing now that spring is here. Truthfully though, we’ve known our closest neighbours for a number of years, through mutual friends/family, I think it’s been so long that she wasn’t even a Mrs. when we first met her….but you really don’t know someone until you’re next door neighbours with them…..can you keep a secret? And this is a big one? Even bigger than when we lived close to an MI6 Agent…..Ok, here goes…..I think we’re living next door to the Incredibles!!!…..You know who they are right? The cartoon family from the movies? Now, I’m not saying we are living next to cartoons, cause that would just be silly, but I’m 99.99% sure that we’re living next door to the family that the movie was based on!! For those of you not familiar with the movie, The Incredibles were the world’s greatest crime fighters and then they retired with 3 kids to suburbia, to live a “normal” life. Well, you don’t get much more suburbia than where we live and wait there’s more.
Now before you say, Not true, just hear me out. I didn’t come to this conclusion overnight. I have been observing and taking notes for a while now. First off, I have it on very good authority that next door neighbour guy, let’s call him “Bob”, like Mr. Incredible, just to keep it simple, so I heard that Bob used to work with our very own MI6 Agent ex-neighbour. True. Story. A new MI6 Agent in Training or perhaps a superhero in training…..and the little Mrs. whom, we’ll call “Helen”, appears to have settled into suburban life really well and is using her super powers for baking, and I know this because she was our first visitor the morning after we moved in, and she delivered the most amazing cinnamon pull apart, that could only have been made using super powers. Yes, it was that good. And lastly they have 3 children. The Incredibles – 3 children. Neighbours – Girl, Boy, Boy. The Incredibles…..Do I need to spell it out for you anymore??? So to keep things easy and to keep their real identities a secret, we’ll just call the children Violet, she’s a real go-getter, Dash, the strong, silent type and Jack-Jack, is less than a year into the super-hero biz, just like in the movie. I gotta say that moving away from the old neighbourhood and the comfort and security that came with living across from an MI6 Agent was really hard for me, but I’m feeling so much better now knowing that right next door we have…..shhhhhh…… Real Life Incredibles, the world’s greatest crime fighters. Always remember and never forget: A Czech Proverb: A good neighbor increases the value of your property.

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