Lucky Girl

Just a quick recap of the first golfing game of the season: I finished with the ball I started with (always good) which was a lovely magenta color, I went to the beach on Hole #3 but got out quickly and moved on, Hole #4 I was on in 1 and would have parred it if I hadn’t of 3 putted, went for a swim on Hole #5, (I switched to a white ball cause the water scared me), then I decided that everyone has “that” hole and this was it for me, hacked, slashed and threatened to quit my way to the pin, Hole #6 involves teeing off and hitting over a huge gully, if you don’t make it you have to trek down the gully and mountain climb up the other side, it’s not as horrendous as I make it sound, but I was a driving fool today and BAM, nailed it, first try, over the green, 7, 8, and 9 and we were back to the clubhouse. Now I’m not saying I’m ready to go on tour tomorrow but I played pretty darn good, and then when He Who is So Lucky, went into the clubhouse, he was told that he won the Trade Fair prize of a new golf bag. Suweet except he doesn’t need a new golf bag, nor do I, so He Who is My Biggest fan, made a deal for credit to get me some new golfing clubs. All this and we got to spend the day with good friends, am I not the luckiest girl ever?

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