First Golfing Game of the 2016 Season

So here’s the thing, after being overlooked by the LPGA for the past couple of years, which was pretty heartbreaking, I must say, although last year with 2 rather damaged, gibbled up knees I totally understand why I wasn’t picked sooo….wait for it……I am off to making 2016 my year to make the team! I’ve decided that the best way to this would be to get some training in and I am here to announce that today, April 17 will be my first round of the season! I’ve got my golfing clubs ready, my pink glove, my golfing shoes, and once again the question was broached, How many golfing shoes does one girl need? And apparently the right answer is more than 1 but less than 5, but the season is just starting so that may change!!, my new ladybug counter is ready, and I might add, that I have 3 ladybugs in different colors so I can coordinate with my outfits, and I got new golfing balls!!! I am stocked, stooked and ready to go!! Stay tuned for more updates as the day/season progresses! It’s going to be a great year!!

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